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Let's Celebrate!

Week 1 - Seasons

This week we have been learning about the seasons. We know that the seasons repeat in a life cycle and we have talked about how each season is different and also which one we like the best. To support our understanding we are making some very special season's calendars ready for Christmas. In maths we have been learning about the concept of 'less' or 'fewer.' We went on an Autumn walk to look for signs of Autumn and made some lovely clay hedgehogs and leaf pictures stimulated by the story 'Leaf Man.' We also experimented mixing autumn colours with paint.

Week 2 - Bonfire Night

What an exciting week! We learnt about firework safety through the story of Welephant and learnt about the history of Guy Fawkes and how he tried to blow up King James in the Houses of Parliament. In maths we were learning all about addition and had lots of opportunities to show this in our own learning and our art work. We watched some firework displays to stimulate our writing and to help us become different sorts of fireworks in our PE lessons - we were amazing!

Week 3 - Remembrance

This week we thought about Remembrance and how we remember and honour people who have fought or died in wars to keep our country safe. We watched a very thoughtful film on CBeebies to help us have a simple understanding of why people wear poppies. We made beautiful poppies from clay to show at our art exhibition.  In maths we learnt about subtraction and have been practising our catching skills in PE.

We have also started learning our Christmas songs ready for our Christmas get together on 12th December. 

Week 4 - Hanukkah

What a brilliant week! We have had so much fun learning about Hanukkah. We have read lots of stories and watched films about families celebrating this lovely festival of light. We have been comparing Hanukkah to celebrations that we might have in our homes such as birthdays and Christmas. We have played a dreidel game, made menorahs, tasted some Hannukah food and written a class information book about what we have learnt. In maths we have been learning about the concept of number bonds and the different ways we can add two numbers to make a total of two or three. 

Week 5 - Advent

This week we are learning about advent. We have learnt about the advent calendar and how they began many years ago and also about the advent wreath and how Christians celebrate the time leading up to Christmas. We have made our own wreaths and will be thinking about the meaning of each candle over the rest of this term. We have also been learning from each other and talking about how we get ready for Christmas in our own families. In maths we have been continuing our learning about number bonds focussing on the number four and five. We have also been practicing our Christmas songs ready for our performance in a couple of weeks!

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