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Challenge 1:

What happened to your family during the Second World War? You could ask your grandparents about the following; Did anyone fight in the war? Were they evacuated? Did they learn a new job?

Can you write a sentence about your family? 



Challenge 1:

Look at the picture provided and think about the following;

*What can you see?

*How do they feel?

*What are they doing?

Can you write a sentence about the picture? 



When writing, remember to;

1. Think of your sentence.

2. Say your sentence. Say it aloud, lots of times!

3. Use your 'fred fingers' to help you with spellings. If you are writing a 'tricky' word, use the tricky word mat to help you spell it correctly.

4. Remember finger spaces.

5. Use a full stop at the end of your sentence.


When writing at home, don't forget to form your letters correctly. We have learnt how to form all of the 'Harriet' and 'Georgia' letters and some of the 'Rupert' letters. If you want to look at how we form any other letters, our handwriting guide and letter formation rhymes are on the website too.


Parents, do not worry about getting the children to copy the correct spelling of words, other than 'tricky' words. At school, we encourage the children to sound out so accept spellings such as 'orinj', as it shows the children are using their phonic knowledge and applying this to their writing.


Don't forget, you can label and write a sentence about anything; your favourite toy, a model you've made, your favourite story etc.

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