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WB 22.6.20

Learning Booklet


The browns take in Paddington Bear after finding Paddington alone at the station.

Your English booklet, attached above, is for the week beginning 22nd June. There are five activities for you to complete. Each day is clearly marked to help you know which lesson needs completing. 


In school, alongside our English lessons, we will learn new phonic sounds. These sounds are in the folder above marked 'Phonics'.


This week, we are beginning to read the story 'Paddington', written by Micheal Bond.


English Lessons


Lesson 1

Write questions to find out 'How to look after' the bear.


Lesson 2

Read some words that you will find in the story. What do they mean?


Lesson 3

Read the introduction to the story. Read it a few times to develop fluency.


Lesson 4 (SPAG)

Learn about some animals found in Peru. Compare them using 'er' and 'est'. 


Lesson 5 (Handwriting)

Write the digraphs 'ou' and 'ay' and apply in the words 'house' and 'today'. 

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