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AGM Minutes

AGM 17 September 2018


Welcome to everyone especially to the new faces that we have.

Before we start just a couple of points

  1. We have teachers here, the AGM and PTFA meetings/events are not a place for discussing your child’s progress if you wish to do this then please arrange a meeting with your teacher.
  2. When we are in the school, particularly in the staff room using the facilities that the teachers use, there maybe things that are seen or heard that you wouldn’t normally have access to. May I remind you that anything that is seen or heard within the school remains confidential and is not for discussion with others outside of the school.


Contact sheet went round to update


Diane Jarvis (still wants to be part of the PTFA)

Viv Synan (still wants to be part of the PTFA)

Vicky Flood, Erica Gaskin, Nicky Wood (still part of ptfa)

Christy Savil –able to help at discos


Chairman’s Report

Firstly a massive thank you for everyone’s contribution to the PTFA this year, no matter how small we couldn’t have done it without your help, and a massive thank you to those parents who aren’t here tonight but come along and help at events like the discos because without them we wouldn’t have enough helpers to run events.

As with last year an extra thank you to Erica, Ashley and Emily for all their hard work with sorting the preloved clothing out – they have spent a massive amount of time sorting it for resale, this is a really good money maker for the PTFA

To everyone on the PTFA and our reserve bank of helpers you are all amazing, you work well as a team and there is always someone willing to do the jobs that need doing. People don’t realise all the hard work that goes in behind the scenes to put events on especially the Summer and Christmas fairs and for this I would like to say an extra special thank you to you all.

We have had another amazing year; with lots of things going on to raised much needed funds for the school. There are also the simple things that go on that don’t take much work i.e. easy fundraising, stamptastic, and the clothing collections which are still proving very successful. The breakfasts have worked really well as has the film night.

We’ve made some great donations to the school which I am sure Dave will go through in the treasurer’s report.

We have lots to plan for the upcoming year.

We are also thinking ahead to themes for the summer fair.

I mentioned it above but don’t forget about signing up for Easy fundraising and Stamptastic to help raise money for the school – and to promote them with your friends and family. We also have the new search engine –, which can help raise free money for the school

We also still need to utilise the bingo machine which was donated over a year ago.

Again a massive thank you for your support.

Right I’ll hand you over now to Dave for the Treasurers report


Treasurers update – please see attached sheet, its ideal to have minim balance of £1,000 in the bank to cover costs such as discos, regular items we pay out for. We have just paid for that the light system in the hall and Maths no problem.

We have £1.900 in the bank at the moment

Alison explained match funding agreed we will update school website and advertise that on facebook.

It was suggested we look at companies sponsoring fairs etc.


We need to elect a Chairman, Vice Chairman, Treasurer and secretary

It was agreed Alison Robinson and Ashley Willis will continue to act as joint chair and Emily Munton to do secretary and Sian Perry volunteered to help when Emily couldn’t as secretary .

We need to review current trustees and update our records, if you are happy to be a trustee let me know and I will arrange to get the appropriate information from you


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