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Art and D.T.

Term 5 = In Art we looked carefully at pieces of fruit and vegetables and tried to complete observational sketches of them using pencil, pastels and then paint.  We looked at how the light makes some parts lighter than others.  When painting the orange and orange segments, the children were only given yellow, red and white paint. They had to mix the colours themselves to make orange. The teachers were very impressed with this skill!!

The best part of our D.T. topic was the designing and making of our own pizzas. First, we had to practise chopping vegetables safely using knives and then we got to weigh out the ingredients to make the dough.  We then added the toppings which we had worked out the cost of in Numeracy.  Once cooked, we took them home to eat - yum yum!!!

Terms 3 and 4 = During Term 3 the children designed, made and evaluated model furniture for a room in shoe box.  We talked about the important features in a room and then they chose whether to make furniture for a bedroom or the lounge.  This term we learnt to sketch and shade carefully.  We did observational sketches of the outside of the school as well as their favourite part of the school.  We then painted them and finally created a collage of part of the school using a range of materials. 

Term 2 = In D.T. we looked at toys in the past and found that they were mainly made from wood, fabric or porcelain.  We then designed, made and evaluated our own spoon people.  Come and have a look at them in the corridor!!

Term 1 = In art lessons we have been learning about self portraits and have been practising creating our own. We have used different media and our work is displayed in the corridor. Don't we look great!
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