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Communism V Capitalism Bakeoff!

This week we explored the complex ideologies of Communism and Capitalism through a Bakeoff!

The children in the Communist bakeries worked together with each having an equal role. At the end they shared out

their biscuits equally. There was no one person in charge and no chance to 'move up the ladder'.


Those in the Capitalist bakeries made products for customers, overseen by the bakery owners. At the end, they sold their products to the customers and were paid a wage. The bakery owner kept the profit. There was the possibility of the 'workers' becoming bakery owners themselves with hard work and perseverance.


We discussed the children's views on each ideology and the pros and cons of each. 


We had a lot of fun - even the rich customers who were allowed to play o the iPads without doing any 'work'!




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