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DT day at Kirkby la Thorpe Primary School

On Tuesday, four pupils from Year 6 went to Kirkby La Thorpe Primary School for a DT day. There were other Year 6 children from other five local schools there. Mr and Mrs Bailey, DT specialists, were leading the day and had plenty of equipment ready for the children to use. Mr Bailey taught the children how to score paper and make it into a cube. Each team had 30 minutes to make as many cubes as possible and place them into a tower. After that, the teams were given a pack for each member of their group. The pack contained a motor, batteries, battery holder and switches to make a buggy. There was a set of instructions to follow and, after some failures as well as successes, the buggies were ready. The teams used different coloured paper/card to make the roof of the buggy which most people designed to make it look like a car. The buggies that were completed, were tested to see if they worked. After a long and enjoyable day at Kirkby, the children headed back to their schools.

Thank you to the Kirkby Primary school for having us for the day and thank you to Mrs Clawson and Mrs Coupland for taking us there!

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