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Our Curriculum Booklet for this topic is available to look at, please click on the link below. It gives information about the lessons and subjects that the children will be learning about and how they have been linked to our topic. It also tells you the skills that the children will be developing. We hope it is useful.


?FEE FI FO FUM I smell hardworking children…
We loved learning about Jack and the beanstalk! Please read below to find out what we have been learning about in term two. There are also photographs and examples of work to view below.

To begin our work on fairy tales in English, we had a delivery of letters from the Jolly Postman. His letters sent us on a trail around school, where we were introduced to lots of different fairy tale characters and asked to complete a variety of fun tasks set by the fairy tale character. Year 1b loved the task set by Cinderella – we had to take of one shoe, muddle them up and race against the clock to find out who the shoe belonged to!
Throughout the following weeks, we focused on the story of Jack and the beanstalk. We read the story of Jack and the beanstalk and created a class story map.
In week two, we watched a clip of Jack climbing the beanstalk and used drama to help us think carefully about the way Jack moved throughout his journey to the Giant’s castle. We then wrote a fantastic description of Jack’s journey using ‘ed’ words.
We had to hide under the table when the Giant arrived home and be very quiet! We got a little glimpse of the Giant from out hiding place which enabled us to write a fantastic character description to ‘Mum’ so she could help us escape from the Giant.
During our final week of Jack and the beanstalk, we looked at alternative versions of the story; Jack and the baked beanstalk and Jack and the meanstalk. We discussed the different endings in these three stories and we ‘magpied’ some ideas to help us write our own story ending. Some of the new stories involved other traditional tale characters. The big, bad wolf appeared in many of the children’s stories and he saved Jack by blowing down the beanstalk!

In D&T, we used our folding, cutting and sticking skills to create a new castle for the Giant. We looked very carefully at the defensive features of a castle and made sure that we included high walls, a moat and a drawbridge when making our castles to keep Jack out! We hope that the Giant is safe in his new castle.

Overnight, a beanstalk appeared in our classroom and it got us thinking about what the weather would be like at the very top of the beanstalk. This linked in really nicely with our weather work in science. During this topic, we learnt about different types of weather and thought about what we would be able to do during this weather. We designed weather appropriate clothes for lego people and thought about the signs of different seasons during our autumn walk. The children we fascinated with extreme weather condition such a tornadoes, snow blizzards and floods. We watched a clip about Hurricane Matthew and discussed the damage that extreme weather can cause. All of the children we relieved to hear that Sleaford rarely experiences extreme weather!

In maths, we continued to follow our new scheme, Maths – no problem! The children developed their sense of numbers within 10 and are now able to add and subtract within 10 confidently. The children love how practical their maths lessons are and their ability to ‘talk’ maths is developing perfectly. We love a good maths discussion in Year 1!

To end this incredibly busy, fun-filled term, the children performed their nativity play ‘A Midwife Crisis’ on the 13th and 14th December. All of the children in KS1 sang beautifully, remembered all of their lines and most importantly knew when to get on and off stage! We were so incredibly proud of them!

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