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First Aid training

Today Year 5 took part in some first aid training. They were taught how to respond to the scenario of finding a person who had fallen from their bike outside the school gates. The children learnt how to approach the casualty, how to call for help using 999 and how to assess the responses of the person. They then learnt how to deliver CPR, how to use a defibrillator and how to put the casualty in to the recovery position until further help arrived. We talked about how to ensure the casualty's safety and their own before help is given. The children were fabulous in the way they listen to and followed instructions and they all felt that they would now be more confident in offering help on some level in the future if the necessity arrived.

The children will all receive a certificate in Worship on 8th February where they will show and tell the rest of the school some of the things that they have learnt today. Have a look at some photos of the children in action!
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