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This term we have been planning in a slightly different way. Rather than having an overall topic we have followed the children's interests and planned from thee on a weekly basis. This has been lots of fun and led us down several different paths. We were of course very excited after Christmas and this led us into an interest in maps and journeys following on from the story of Babushka. We then did the story of the Gingerbread Man investigating journeys and floating and sinking! We have been very excited by the frosty weather and have loves exploring ice which led us onto some exciting explorations of things that melt! This week we are learning about Chinese New Year as a whole school topic and also couldn't resist eating some pancakes!  

Summer Term has arrived - where has the last year gone? The children are growing and changing so quickly and it will soon be time for them to be moving on. However, still lots to do and this term has started in a very exciting way as we have been learning about how to plant seeds and how plants grow and what they need to be able to grow. The children were excited by this and we are now in the throes of turning our classroom into a magic garden. The children's imaginations have gone wild and they have already created their own magical plants and used fantastic adjectives to describe them. Who knows what they will do next ...


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