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Welcome to Foundation!


Hello and welcome to our fantastic school.


We hope that you are just as excited as we are about the year ahead. After a busy summer holidays making our classrooms bright and beautiful, we are definitely ready for them to filled with fun, laughter and learning!


We will begin our super year together with the topic 'Rhyme Time'. Please scroll below to find out more about what this topic will entail. 


The foundation team will update this page regularly so please keep your eyes peeled for photos and information about our exciting topics and super work. 


If you have any questions or concerns, please speak to a member of the team. We are always happy to help! 


Thank you


Foundation Team smiley

The Foundation Team


Class R1 Teachers - Mrs Brown, Mrs Main (on maternity leave) and Miss Green.

Class R2 Teacher - Miss Stewart.

Foundation Teaching Assistants - Mrs Ford and Mrs Atkin.

1:1 Teaching Assistants - Mrs Gaskin.

Our wonderful helpers are Mrs Thorpe and  Miss Colclough.

Our dinner ladies are Mrs Lamb and Mrs Wragg

Useful Information


PE days: Mrs Brown and Mrs Main's class have PE on a Tuesday.

              Miss Stewart's class have PE on a Wednesday.

              Outdoor PE will be on Friday. The children do not need an outdoor kit for this session.


Reading Books: We will aim to change reading books on a Tuesday and Friday. Please write in your child's diary so that we can see that they have read. Thank you!

Every time your child reads, they will receive a raffle ticket which will go into prize draw on a Friday. So in our case, it isn't points that make prizes, it's reading raffle tickets! 

Dates for your diary...


Term 1

Foundation 2017 intake evening - 10th October 2017

Foundation Reading Evening - 11th October 2017

Foundation Welcome Assembly - 12th October 2017

Parents evening - 17th and 18th October 2017

Nursery Rhyme Day - 20th October 2017 (more information to follow)


Term 2

Foundation visit to the church - 13th December 2017

Foundation Christmas Carols - 14th December 2017 

(more information to follow)


Term 3


Term 4

IMP music - Mrs Brown's class 6 sessions from 8th Jan, Miss Stewart's class 6 sessions from 19th Feb

7th March - visit to Foundation by Mr Bamford from Sleaford museum to show the children toys from the past.

15th March - class photographs

World Book day - 16th March (re-arranged after snow)

22nd March - polling station


Term 5

19th April - class photographs (re-take)

17th May - School disco


Term 6

7th June - Foundation trip to Woodside Wildlife and Falconry Park

18th June - KS1 sports day

29th June - Move up Morning





Foundation Topics


Term 1: Rhyme Time

Term 2: Celebrations

Term 3: Toy Story

Term 4: Help!
Term 5: Seaside fun!

Term 6: Once upon a bicycle...

Welcome back to our final term in Foundation! It is a very busy term with lots of exciting things happening - our school trip, sports day and visiting our new classrooms.


Week 1

This week we are  going to Woodside Wildlife Park and so we are learning all about animals and their babies and habitats. We are going to write recounts of our adventures and try to remember how many different habitats we could see and how the different types of animals are cared for. In maths we are learning about sharing and grouping objects and also practising our counting in twos, fives and tens. it is also Father's day coming up so we will be preparing some surprises for our daddies.


Week 2

This week our caterpillars are arriving. We are very excited to be part of their life cycle and to see what happens and to learn how to care for them. In maths we have been revising our learning about positional language and learning our left and right. We will also look at symmetrical patterns and create our own beautiful clay butterflies with our own symmetrical patterns. In our writing we will be writing alternative versions of Little red Riding Hood where she will meet a butterfly! Also we will be writing speech bubbles for the different characters in the story.


Week 3

We will be learning the story of Cinderella this week and making ugly sister cress heads so that we can learn about how plants grow and what the need to grow well. We will be experimenting by putting seeds in lots of different places and with or without water to see what will happen. Once we have made our cress heads we will be writing a set of instructions to tell Cinderella how she could make one too!

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