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Term 6


Welcome back!
Week 1 - UP!

This term is all about journeys - how we get there, what we do there and who we do it with. We started by watching a clip from the film UP! and then thought about where we would like to go on a hot air balloon. We focussed upon different habitats. The children thought abut the features of these habitats, the weather, landscape, inhabitants and way of life. The children worked in groups to create 3D replicas of these habitats and explained what they had used and why.
In maths we are trying to answer maths questions and explain our understanding, This involves lots of practical work and sharing of ideas. we are really enjoying it.
Our Sports day is only a week away so we have started to practise hard and have found out which House teams we are in. We have also thought about Forgiveness (our Christian value) and discussed the General Election. A busy first week.

Week 2 - LONDON
Well this week our hot air balloon arrived in London and we kicked off by reading the story of Katie in London. This is a great starting point for story writing and the children were then able to come up with their own ideas about stories where they visited somewhere and did something interesting. These made great reading. Our maths focused upon one more and one less this week; using comparative language when talking about groups of numbers and also looking at the 'difference'. We are all really enjoying this very practical style of maths.
As part of their work on London the children have had a go at using different materials to build a bridge over the River Thames, made maps of London and compared London to Sleaford. It was lovely to hear the children's own stories about their trips there. Our practises for Sports day on Monday have gone really well and we are all ready to try our best.
On Friday we celebrated Father's Day by welcoming Dad's, grandads and other significant men into our classroom to play with their children. We really enjoyed seeing so many of you.

Week 3 - At the Seaside
This week we received a postcard from Carl in his balloon. He's reached the seaside. This prompted us to read the Shirley Hughes story - "Lucy and Tom at the Seaside". The children shred their likes and dislikes about trips to the seaside and some personal anecdotes. In Literacy, the children wrote postcards from a trip to the seaside, detailing some things they had seen and done. In Maths, we have been thinking about number bonds - the two parts that make a whole number. We had a lot of fun; using cubes and counters to make the various combinations. This week started with our sweltering Sports Day. Well done to all the children and staff for dealing with the intense heat. Thank you to families for your support.
Thursday saw us having our Year Group Worship and this coincided with World Refugee Day. The children watched a short film about the meaning of the word and thought about the feelings involved. This was a very thought provoking time and the children had some great insights.
Next week we will be doing all our assessments - looking at phonics learned, High Frequency Words and Maths.



This week we took more of a historical focus and spent time watching the films of Magic Grandad at the seaside. From this we were able to make comparisons with our trips to the seaside - what's the same and what is very different. In PE we had great fun imagining that we were on a yellow submarine and went diving under the sea looking at different creatures and exploring how they might move. Mrs Glover's class then made junk model boats, thinking about the materials that would be waterproof and the best shapes to float. Mrs Browns children made some colourful wrapped wool rainbows linking to our Christian Value and the Promise that God gave in the story of Noah's Ark. On Friday we all got to visit our Year 1 classrooms and find out about what we will be learning there. Exciting times.


Week 5 - The Farm

This week, both classes have visited Tattershall Farm Park and enjoyed themselves enormously. The children behaved beautifully and found out alot about the different animals. Back in the classroom, we listened to the story of Rosies Chick and thought about the different animals that live on a farm. We also had fun singing along to Old MacDonald. The childre have all had a go at independently writing a thank you letter to the farm for our wonderful trip. What super writing we have seen. In maths the children have been thinking about the concepts of 1 more and 1 less. We have done lots of practical activities to help us learn the language and understand the principle.


Term 5

How can it be the start of the summer term already? We have a very busy term ahead and another exciting topic to explore. Our topic this term is 'Magic Garden.' we will be exploring magical gardens and using our imaginations to create weird and wonderful plants. We will also be growing lots of different plants including herbs, fruit, vegetable and sunflowers and we will be learning what plants need to grow.

Week 1
Our first week back is based on the story of 'The Secret in the Mist.' Jonathon plants something magical in his garden which turns out to be a sunflower. We will plant our own sunflower seeds and wait to see what happens. In maths we are counting in tens which we are really good at. We are wriitng about our holiday news in our jotters, creating art linked to sunflowers and beginning to create animated growing sequences on the computer - not bad for a four day week.

Please can we remind you that we really value your contributions on Tapestry and love to hear about what your child is doing at home.

Week 2
My goodness, we are so busy! This week we used the short film sequence from 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory' where they enter the sweetie garden to stimulate ideas for our own imaginary plants and flowers. We worked with partners to draw and label our ideas and we will be creating our own 3D flowers over the following weeks using our plans to guide us! In maths we have been learning that out teen numbers are made up of ten and how many more? We have also been considering the best growing conditions for plants and have set up an experiment with cress.

Week 3
Our caterpillars have arrived! Much excitement in Foundation. We have been studying them closely and will be observing the changes over the next few weeks. We will be learning about the life cycles of different creatures and how we should care for living things.Our maths is doubling and we have learnt a super cool rap - ask your child to sing it to you.

Week 4
The caterpillars have more than doubled in size - they are very greedy. They are also starting to turn into cocoons and will soon be moved to the butterfly house. We have been talking about habitats this week and how different creatures like different places to live. We have also been looking at the life cycle of the sunflower and writing diary entries about the changes we observed. We have been halving in maths and looking at the link between doubling and halving. We learnt that two halves make a whole and that they need to be the same size - tricky when you're sharing pizza or chocolate cake! We are looking again at Van Gogh who we studied in the first term and trying to paint our own sunflower paintings in his style.


Week 5
Our cocoons have hatched into butterflies! We have cared for them very well and now they have some sugar water (like nectar) and flowers and fruit to feed on whilst they are in the butterfly house. We will have to release them soon. We went outside to our wild area to see what other minibeasts we could find and loved searching under the stones and logs. We were very careful not to disturb the habitats. We have learnt how to create beautiful symmetrical patterns in art and in maths and have made some clay butterflies complete with symmetrical patterns too! To finish off a fantastic week, the circus came to St Botolph's for our Summer Fair. We had a brilliant time learning skills such as plate spinning, diablos and stilt walking!


Week 6

The last week of term and a very hot one! We have finished our beautiful butterflies which we will be bringing home to you. In maths we have been revising shapes and using the beebots to travel around shape land. On the computer we created our own weird and wonderful superbugs, great fun! It has been a brilliant topic and the children have once again worked so hard this term. Enjoy your holiday but try to keep reading and practicing those tricky words!


Welcome Back!

Term 4

Another term begins. Our topic this term is called 'Help!' We will be learning all about people who help us through stories involving dragons and dinosaurs! We will be having lots of visitors including the firemen, some small furry rabbits and a hygienist to teach us about looking after our teeth.

Week 1 - Doctors.
Well, what an exciting way to start our new topic. All this week we have thought abut how to keep healthy, what this means and why its important. On Tuesday we had a visit from Mrs Willis who is a Community Nursery Nurse and she brought along baby Isla. Together they showed us how Doctors and Nurses help families look after children and how important this job is. Isla was very patient as Mrs Willis weighed and measured her. All the children then had a go themselves - using dolls not Isla! The children have also done lots of thinking about how to be healthy and had great ideas for poster promoting healthy food and exercise. They learned the proper way to wash their hands and listened to a super story about a dinosaur who was poorly. All the children have had a chance to look at some fossils and to make careful drawings of them. Some children even made their own dinosaur fossils.

Week 2 - Vets
Another busy week. On Monday we had a visit from Vicky Evans who is a local rabbit breeder. She brought along 6 of her rabbits and chatted to the children about how she looks after them and answered the children's many questions. In our English work we used the computer to help us say, hold and write sentences abut how to care for pets. This followed on from a story about what a dragon might do when poorly and linked with a film we watched about the daily work of vets. The children (and staff) had a very messy time making paper mache dragons - very sticky - which we will paint next week. In Maths, we looked at adding numbers together by 'counting on' - holding a number in your head and then counting on the extras. We are getting much more confident with this. We marked World Book Day by dressing as favourite story book characters and doing some great activities with some pupils from Carres Grammar School.

Week 3 - Dentist
This week the children have been learning about all things teeth! We started the week by watching a short film about a trip to the dentist and shared our own personal experiences about dentists. We had a message from a dragon called Dennis who had been told off by his dentist as he had not been looking after his teeth properly. The children then wrote a set of instructions for Dennis about how to clean his teeth. We used 'Bossy' verbs in our sentences. In Maths we have been learning about Counting Back/Taking Away. The children all know that the numbers get smaller in this instance. On Friday, we finished off the week with a visit from a real life Dentist - Mrs Thompson - who told us all about her job and how to clean our teeth properly.

Week 4 - Firefighters
What a thrilling start to the week - The local fire crew joined us on Monday and chatted to the children about the different aspects of their job, their special uniforms and how smoke alarms work. We then all got to go outside and sit on the fire-engine as well as having a go at squirting the fire hoses. All very exciting.
As it was Science week, we were thinking about changes and all the children got to make some toast and discuss whether this was a reversible or irreversible change. We all enjoyed tasting the toast too. In English we listened to the story of The Paper Bag Princess and focused upon the adjectives used to describe the characters. We all had a go at writing our own descriptive words or phrases. In Maths we got to puddle in water as we learned all about capacity and the language of 'full', 'empty' and 'half full'. The children seem very confident with these terms.
A quick thank you to all the parents who responded to the children's email question about your favourite fruit. They were thrilled to get your replies.

Week 5 - The Police
A shocking start to the week! We arrived this morning to find enormous footprints in the classrooms and a strange egg in each room. The children are fascinated and are busily trying to work out what might have happened. Mrs Glover rang PC Jones and the children were able to give detailed descriptions of what they had found. Watch this space!

For our writing this week, the children have written a story based upon finding a strange egg and what was inside it. This was unaided writing. Our Maths work has consolidated their taking away skills. We are getting better at remembering to hold numbers in our heads and count backwards. We've all been busily making Mothers Day and Easter cards. On Friday, the children all came wearing something red to mark Red Nose Day and we all chatted about how this helps children in our country and abroad who are not as lucky as us.

Week 6 - Easter Week
We received a lovely Easter basket of sweets and a thank you letter from Mummy dragon this week - thanking us for looking after her stray egg last week. The children were pleased to hear that a baby dragon named Draco had arrived safely and that our mystery had been solved. This week we thought about all things Easter and focussed upon the Easter story. Reverend Mark visited and used props to tell the children this tricky story in an age appropriate way. They listened really well and had lots of thoughtful questions and comments. In Maths the children thought about Time - particularly O'Clock and Half Past. They had lots of opportunities to explore clocks and test out their knowledge.

We ended the week with our special certificate Assembly where we celebrate the achievements of all the children throughout school. Children in Foundation received Sun, Rainbow or Star certificates. Well done to all.

Enjoy the Easter break and we'll see you on Tuesday 18th April.

Term 3
Welcome back!
We can't believe it's January already. The children have come back to school brilliantly and have already been working very hard. This term our topic is Toy Stories - a great excuse to bring in our favourite toys from home to share! We will be learning about toys from the past and present, toys which are programmable or move by remote control. We will be investigating forces and using our imaginations to make up stories about toys that come to life.

Week 1 - Babushka
This week we talked about our favourite toys from Christmas. We wrote thank you baubles as our Christian value this term is Thankfulness. We also learnt about the story of Babushka and what the country of Russia was like. The children learnt about the Christian period of Epiphany when the Three Wise Men visited Jesus. We also played a brilliant relay game outside with the timers to practise ordering our numbers - phew, what a week! (See photos below)

Week 2 - The Toy Room
We started the week by watching an extract from Toy Story where the toys came to life. We acted out the scene ourselves and our friends guessed which toy we were pretending to be. We have made robots using split pins and had to decide what instructions we would give to somebody if they needed to make one. This was great fun! We will be investigating forces and on Friday the children will bring in their own toys from home that can be moved by pushing or pulling.

Week 3 - Lost in the Toy Museum
Wow! Another busy week. We continued to think about what exciting adventures toys might have if they came alive! We shared the story of 'Lost in the Toy Museum' where the toys played a game of hide and seek. We learnt about adjectives and used these to describe some of the old toys. We drew and painted some teddies and used different materials to create texture in our paintings. They looked amazing!

Week 4 - Bear in the Air and Chinese New Year
Bear is transported in a basket tied with balloons across the country. This week we are learning about how we can use air to make things move and also looking at different environments such as a city, town or countryside that bear might see on his travels. As it is Chinese new Year we are exploring colour and pattern and using our mathematical knowledge to decorate Chinese lanterns with repeating patterns. We are learning all about the traditions and how they are the same or different to other celebrations we know about.

Week 5
This term is going so quickly and we are loving looking at all the different toys past and present. This week we had some finding out homework to ask our parents and grandparents about the toys they had when they were young. The children did an amazing job bringing in old toys and photographs. We compared old and new toys and found out that a lot of the toys are still ones that we enjoy playing with - especially snakes and ladders!

Week 6
What a busy last week! On Monday Charlotte came to give us some tennis coaching. we followed her instructions well and had great fun learning some new skills. On Wednesday our mums and dads came for a play and to look at our super work this term. It was great to show them round. It has also been Internet Safety Day this week and we have been learning how to stay safe when we are using games on the computer, phone or tablet.
We hope you have a well earned rest at half term and look forward to seeing you in a week's time for another exciting term.

The Foundation Team consists of:
Mrs Brown (Foundation Leader) and her Teaching Assistant Mrs Ford
Mrs Glover (Foundation Teacher) and her Teaching Assistant Mrs Atkin.
Mrs Main (Foundation Teacher) will also be working in Foundation on Fridays.

Term 2
Our topic this Term is entitled 'Celebrations'. We will start by looking at Bonfire Night and move on to: Diwali, Remembrance, The Seasons, Advent and then Christmas. There will be lots of exciting and engaging activities for the children to take part in and share their knowledge about. We will explore different forms of writing through this topic so that the children see the wide variety of types of writing and the different audiences that we write for.

In Phonics - we will continue to learn our letter sounds and some 2 letter blends. As we approach Christmas we will assess the children knowledge of their sounds and their High Frequency Words. We will then set the children accordingly so that, after the holiday, they will either revise the first group of sounds or start to build on their existing sound knowledge - with blending and segmenting.

In Maths - we will continue to develop number skills and counting, looking at addition, money, shapes and sizes. there will be lots of practical opportunities for the children to experiment with these concepts.

Some dates for your diaries:
Tuesday 28/2/17 - PTFA Pancakes for breakfast
Tuesday 28/2/17 - Maths No problem meeting for Parents in school Hall
Wednesday 1/3/17 - Foundation stage children Heights and Weights
Friday 2/3/17 - World Book Day
Friday 24/3/17 - Red Nose day - come to school wearing red.
Friday 31/3/17 - Break up for Easter


Summer Term 2 dates:

Please remember to bring a hat to school every day and apply a high factor, long-lasting suncream before your child comes to school.


Monday 19/6/17 - Sports day

Friday 30/6/17 - move up day

Wednesday 5/7/17 - Mrs Brown's class trip to Tattershall Farm Park

Thursday 6/7/17 - Mrs Glover's class trip to Tattershall Farm Park

Wednesday 19/7/17 - Last day of term.

Details to follow.


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