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Garden Detectives

Magnifying Glasses at the ready! 

Term Four

Garden Detectives

With Spring just around the corner, it's time to head outside and do some investigating! We will be using stories including 'The Hungry Caterpillar' and 'The Secret Garden' to develop our spelling and punctuating skills and consider the allotment when adding and subtracting in Maths. We are loving the new 'Maths No Problem' program!
Other activities to link to our Science, Geography and Art subjects will involve planting sunflower seeds and watching them grow, using the printing technique and observational fruit drawings and designing a new garden for the school...we can't wait to get our hands dirty!

Week 1
In Art, we have been learning how to print using fruits. We could see patterns that the fruits made, the apples were the best! Then, we looked at paintings by Vincent Van Gogh and were inspired by the way he formed his art. We carefully cut around our prints and presented them in a fruit bowl- we showed some of our fruits falling out of the bowl! The artwork is amazing and proudly displayed in our classroom.
Week 2
In Geography this week, we went around the school to check out the garden areas. One area was a bit of a mess! So, we thought of ideas to develop it. We looked at different designs then made a map of the garden using our own key to show where planting, seating and flower bed areas would be. Mrs Huggins, the Gardening Club teacher, will choose one of our designs to use! How exciting!
In English, we have practiced spelling the days of week and have learned how to use the ‘s’ and ‘es’ plurals. Then, we wrote our own version of ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’. Some of us choose to write about ladybirds, slugs and snails.
Week 3
Frog Spawn has arrived in our classroom and our sunflowers are growing! Each morning, we check out the progress and note it in our diaries. Soon, we will learn more about the lifecycle of a frog and write an explanation. Watch this space!
In English, we have been learning to write questions. We had lots of things to ask about a mysterious door…What is behind there? Where is the key? How long has the door been locked? We watched a clip and our questions were answered! Behind the door was…The Secret Garden! Our teachers were blown away by our amazing descriptions of the garden.
Week 4
In Computing this week, we have been learning how to use pictograms and bar chart to show our data based on fruit and minibeasts.
In English, we have been gathering more information about how are sunflowers grow. We read explanations and answered questions by finding the answers.
Week 5
Daffodils have appeared in the school ground! We thought these would be a perfect flower to draw for our Mother’s Day cards. We followed step-by-step instructions and drew a daffodil. They looked just like the ones on our tables! Then, for the first time ever, we used water colours to paint our flowers. We looked carefully to make sure the colours were just right. 

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