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St Botolph’s Primary School Governing Body


The Governing body of St Botolph’s re-constituted with effect from 11 August 2015.


The instruments of government states that the governing body shall consist of:


4 parent governors

1 local authority governor

1 staff governor

1 Headteacher

3 foundation governors

4 co-opted governors


St Botolph’s Governing Body 2019/20


Mr. Denzil Shepheard - Chair of Governors / Foundation Governor

Mrs. Marie Thorpe - Vice-chair / Co-opted Governor


Mrs. Ruth Fox - Parent Governor

Mrs. Diane Jarvis - Parent governor

Vacancy - Parent Governor

Mr. Ian Freeman - Parent Governor

Mr. Mark Graves - Local Authority Governor

Mrs. Katie West - Staff Governor

Mrs. Debbie Wilson - Headteacher

Rev Mark Thomson - Foundation Governor

Mrs. Emma Bellaby - Co-opted Governor

Mr. Joe Lee - Co-opted Governor


Finance Committee

Mr. Mark Graves - Chair

Mr. Denzil Shepheard

Mr. Joe Lee

Mr. Ian Freeman

Mrs. Debbie Wilson


Curriculum Committee

Mr. Denzil Shepheard - Chair

Mrs. Marie Thorpe

Mrs. Ruth Fox

Mrs. Diane Jarvis

Mrs. Katie West

Rev Mark Thompson

Mrs. Emma Bellaby

Mrs. Debbie Wilson



Clerk to Governors - Mrs. Julie James


Rev Mark Tomson - Foundation Governor
Emma Bellaby - Deputy Head
Katie West - Staff Governor
Diane Jarvis - Parent Governor
Denzil Shepheard - Chair, Foundation Governor
Mark Graves - Community Governor
Ruth Fox Parent Governor
Marie Thorpe - Vice Chair - Governor
Joe Lee - Governor
Ian Freeman - Parent Governor

Governor Curriculum Roles and Responsibilities

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