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How can it already be term 4?!

We have an exciting topic planned for this term based around people who help us and how these people are our heroes. We are taking a slightly unusual approach to this topic by using stories about dinosaurs and dragons to help with our learning!


Week 1

This week we are learning about the role of doctors and nurses and how they help us to get better if we are ill. We are also thinking about a healthy lifestyle and what things we need to do to try to stay fit and healthy.

Our story this week is 'How Dinosaurs Get Well Soon!' We learnt about all the things a dinosaur should and shouldn't do when they are poorly and whether we do the same. We watched some very interesting films about the role of doctors, nurses and paramedics and in our role play we have set up a baby clinic so we can act out these roles. We have also been learning about personal hygiene and especially washing our hands before we eat or if we have sneezed. We set up an experiment to see how thoroughly you need to wash your hands to get them clean! sad

In our maths learning we have been practising our adding by counting all objects and also learning about how to count on by putting a number in our head and adding the second number by counting on. Very tricky but we managed it really well. 

Our writing task this week was to design and make a poster telling people about how they could be fit and healthy. They are now displayed around our classroom and look brilliant.

Our favourite part of the week was making fruity caterpillars - these went down very well and were delicious and making clay dinosaur fossils too!


Week 2 

This week we are learning about the vet and how they help animals and our class story is 'The Great Pet Sale.' Mr Fry came to visit us from Quarrington Vets and showed us how to listen to our heartbeats and look in our ears. We tried on masks and hats and practised our bandaging skills on the teachers!

As it was also Book Week we had a  visit from an author who shared her stories. We made bookmarks, a class book and brought in some fantastic homework about her favourite books. We also dressed up as our favourite book character which was such fun!

Our English focus has been on rhyming words and for our writing task we had to think of rhyming pairs or strings and then as an extra challenge, put them into sentences.

In maths our focus is taking away. We used tens frames to subtract from the biggest number and set up a pet shop so we could spend our money. We were very good at this!

We talked about how to look after pets and heard a story called 'There's No Such Thing as a Dragon,' where Mrs Bixby was not very good at looking after her pet! We made a brilliant lift the flap book about our favourite pet and then made some hand puppets of them too! frown


Week 3

This week is a visit to the dentist! We are learning about oral hygiene and how to brush our teeth correctly. This fits in well with our English work where we are sequencing tooth brushing and writing a set of instructions. In maths we are investigating number stories for 6 and 7 and showing them in different ways using part, part, whole and ladybirds.

On Wednesday we brought our toothbrushes to school to practice cleaning our teeth for two minutes. We will be bringing home a tooth brushing chart to complete over the next four weeks to earn a tooth brushing certificate.

We have watched a film about The Ugly Sharkling who didn't have any teeth and have created under the sea pictures or done some toothbrush painting.

Week 4

What an exciting week we have had! This week we have been learning all about the role of a firefighter. 

In our English learning we made toast (and ate it!) and then wrote some instructions on how to make it. We have been learning about hot and cold colours in our art and also about reversible and irreversible change. It was very tricky to hold a melting chocolate button in ours hands without eating it!  In maths we have been continuing our learning about number bonds, this time with the totals 8 and 9. We read the story of the Paper Bag Princess and made her some new and more attractive paper dresses to wear frown.


Week 5

This week is all about the police! We shared the book 'The Egg' where a boy discovers a mysterious egg which hatches into a baby dragon. We used this as inspiration to write our own imaginary stories - they were brilliant! We have been revisiting shape in maths and looking at the properties of 2D and 3D shapes. We did a practical investigation to see which 3D shapes could stack, roll and slide. We have been learning about strangers and which adults are safe strangers and what to do we we ever got lost. We have also been making secret surprises for our mummies!


Week 6

Happy Easter! Lots of exciting things happening in the run up to Easter. We have watched the Year 3 and 4 Cantata and listened to the Easter Story. We are making Easter cards and some yummy Easter nests to bring home as a treat. We have re-enacted the entry of Jesus into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday and then written some super sentences about it. We have also made Easter Gardens and Spring flowers and been on a lovely Spring walk around the school.  Our maths was all about time this week - days of  the week, today, tomorrow and yesterday and also looking at telling the time to o clock. Have a fantastic Easter and we will look forward to seeing you in term 5!

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