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How can it already be term 4?!

We have an exciting topic planned for this term based around people who help us and how these people are our heroes. We are taking a slightly unusual approach to this topic by using stories about dinosaurs and dragons to help with our learning!


Week 1

This week we are learning about the role of doctors and nurses and how they help us to get better if we are ill. We are also thinking about a healthy lifestyle and what things we need to do to try to stay fit and healthy.

Our story this week is 'How Dinosaurs Get Well Soon!' We learnt about all the things a dinosaur should and shouldn't do when they are poorly and whether we do the same. We watched some very interesting films about the role of doctors, nurses and paramedics and in our role play we have set up a baby clinic so we can act out these roles. We have also been learning about personal hygiene and especially washing our hands before we eat or if we have sneezed. We set up an experiment to see what would happen to some bread that had been touched by clean hands and dirty hands. We guessed the germs might do something nasty so we'll wait and see sad

In our maths learning we have been finding one more and one less for numbers to ten and twenty. We played some games outside and practiced getting on and off the bus to find one more and one less. We learnt about number stories and practiced making up our own which we were very good at!

Our writing task this week was to design and make a poster telling people about how they could be fit and healthy. They are now displayed around our classroom and look brilliant.

Our favourite part of the week was making fruity caterpillars - these went down very well and were delicious!


Week 2 and 3

Because of the snow we have had to spread our learning over two weeks. This time we are learning about the vet and how they help animals.

Our English focus has been on rhyming words and for our writing task we had to think of rhyming pairs or strings and then as an extra challenge, put them into sentences.

In maths our focus is adding. We have again been using number stories to practice our skills by adding the different numbers of animals waiting at the vets. Firstly we added by counting all and then we went onto the tricky skill of adding by counting on from the first number. This is a tricky skill but we did really well with it! As a further challenge we tried representing our number story in different ways - as a picture, on a tens frame or on a part, part, whole model.

We talked about how to look after pets and heard a story called 'There's No Such Thing as a Dragon,' where Mrs Bixby was not very good at looking after her pet! We made choices about the best materials for a pet's bed and also used junk modelling to make our own pets.

As if we weren't busy enough, we had to prepare a special secret for our mummies - ssshhh!

Week 4

What an exciting week we have had! This week we have been learning all about the role of a firefighter. The fire fighters from Blue Watch came to visit us and told us all about their role and the different jobs they have to do. We learnt about fire safety and what to do if our clothes caught on fire, practicing our STOP, DROP and ROLL! Then we went outside to see the fire engine, sat in the cab and squirted the hose - brilliant fun!

In our English learning we have been writing sentences using the tricky words 'They can see ...' and in maths we have been learning about 3D shape and investigating which shapes could stack, roll or slide.

We have begun to make models of dragons using collage and textured paint to create the real 'feel' of a dragon. They look fantastic and will be visiting home soon frown.

World Book Day was a great success. The children looked amazing in their costumes and they enjoyed sharing their favourite books with their friends.


Week 5

This week is a visit to the dentist! We are learning about oral hygiene and how to brush our teeth correctly. This fits in well with our English work where we are sequencing tooth brushing and writing a set of instructions. In maths we are subtracting, basing our calculations and number stories around healthy teeth and bad teeth and how many fall out! We are making playdough mouths to make up our own number stories.

On Tuesday we brought our toothbrushes to school to practice cleaning our teeth for two minutes. We will be bringing home a tooth brushing chart to complete over the next four weeks to earn a tooth brushing certificate.

Our dragons (or tigers if you are in Miss Stewart's Class) will be completed and coming home - they look amazing!

It is also Sport Relief this week. We have watched a film about how the money raised goes to sporting projects to help other children. In our PE lesson we earned Steps for each of our team games and we are trying to reach a goal of 10,000 by Wednesday.

Week 6

Happy Easter! Lots of exciting things happening in the run up to Easter. We have watched the Year 3 and 4 Cantata and listened to the Easter story. We are making Easter cards and some yummy Easter nests to bring home as a treat. We have sequenced the Easter story and in maths learnt about 3D shapes and their properties. Have a fantastic Easter and we will look forward to seeing you in term 5!

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