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Term 5 = This term we planned and wrote our own stories.  We looked at pictures of different settings linked to gardens and plants and then designed our own and thought about the characters who live in them.  We are really good now at using adjectives to describe what things look, smell, feel and sound like. Once we had finished our stories, we read them to a friend and used the puppet of the main character we made to help act it out. 
Also, we looked at instructions and recipe books so we would know how to make our pizzas.  We worked in groups to write our own instructions to show how to make a pizza.  These were then video recorded.  

Terms 3 and 4 = We started the term by looking at and reading a range of poems.  We especially liked singing and acting the Pirate's Song with a bottle of rum! We then had a go at writing our own version using the rhyming couplet structure. Next, we looked at the use of labels for diagrams and pictures.  We labelled photos of houses and wrote simple captions for the key features. We then looked at the structure and organisation of non-fiction books and learnt about different types of house around the world.  We worked in pairs to write an information page on various types of housing, including Adobe houses, chalets and mud huts, which were then put together to create a class book with a contents page and blurb. 

Term 2 = This term we have been authors as we have planned and written our own stories.  We looked at a range of stories with familiar settings as well as traditional and fairy stories first and then we described the characters using adjectives. 

Term 1 = We have been busy in literacy lessons. We have read books about ourselves and birthdays, learnt how to label pictures, write cards and have been ordering instructions.
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