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Welcome to the Maths!

Maths Co-ordinator - Miss Z Whetton

The Maths Team - Miss Z Whetton, Miss K Stewart,
Governor - Denzil Shepheard


We are extremely passionate about the teaching of Mathematics at St Botolph's.  We have truly embraced the mastery approach in our teaching and firmly believe this method will create curious mathematicians, who are confident in their ability as they have gained a secure understanding of the key mathematical concepts. 

See the document below on more information about our mastery style.


We are now in our fourth year of teaching Maths using The Maths No Problem Scheme. This consistent approach has supported our teaching and provided an effective long-term plan for the provision of Maths.


The concept of teaching mathematics to mastery is to ensure that topics are well developed. By following the Maths No Problem scheme, pupils will spend enough time to fully explore a concept before moving on to a different topic. An idea is well formed they reinforced by ample practice. New knowledge is then used on subsequent lessons so that all ideas build on top or each other and pupils have ample opportunity to develop relationships between the topics. Ideas are revisited in a spiral as pupils progress through the years, each time at a higher level.  You can see more about Maths No Problem below.


Our on-going focus is to ensure that all children are confident mathematicians that are able to reason, explain and solve problems. Therefore, with this is mind, we have introduced daily mental fluency sessions across the school to help promote the basic number facts children require to support them to work with a higher degree of accuracy and efficiency.


We are delighted that this year, Miss Whetton will be working closely with the East Midlands East (EME) Maths Hub as a Primary Mastery Specialist.  This is an exciting role that involves her working with other schools, promoting mastery in maths and sharing her expertise. 


There are lots of links and documents below where you can find out more about maths at St Botolph’s and also information on how to support your child with their mathematics skills.

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