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Money Skills workshops with Barclays Bank

This term Year 5 have been practicing their money skills with the help of ladies from Barclays in Sleaford.
In the first session we looked at all of things that cost us money in the household and talked about how we could save money by switching off lights etc.
Next we ‘blind tasted’ three different brands of chocolate biscuits: a branded variety, a supermarket own label and one from a value range.
The children marked them out of 10 and were surprised that the ‘famous brand’ wasn’t everyone’s favourite.
We then looked at cost per biscuit and found the savings we could make if we switched to a supermarket label or the value range.
During our second session we learnt about budgeting and worked in a team to plan a party, making sure that we covered our costs with our ticket sales. It was quite hard work and we practiced lots of our maths skills.
We had a winning team and they were awarded prizes of a Money Skills book and pen from Barclays.
The children all enjoyed themselves very much and learnt some skills that will be very useful to them as they grow up.
A big thank you to Sleaford Barclays!
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