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Our Curriculum Intent


Curriculum Intent


At St Botolph’s CE Primary School, we have designed our curriculum with the intent that all children, irrelevant of their background or start point, must have the building blocks to become successful adults in terms of being able to gain employment, live healthy lifestyles, be moral citizens and to take opportunities to extend their horizons.

These themes are central to our vision: Striving to be the best we can!

In recognition of the context of the start points of many of our children, we have a strong focus on the teaching and learning of Maths and English as lack of skills in these areas can impact future career options. St Botolph’s is in Sleaford, this is a small market town, it is important that our children know its history and that they celebrate their local environment. Sleaford was primarily an agricultural town until the 20th century, supporting a cattle market, with seed companies. The arrival of the railway made the town favourable for malting. Industry in Sleaford has declined, and in 2011 the most common occupations are in wholesale and retail trade, health and social care, public administration and defence and manufacturing. Regeneration of the town centre has led to the redevelopment of the old industrial areas, including the construction of the National Centre for Craft and Design on an old wharf. We encourage our children to be self-motivated and to improve subject knowledge in these areas by offering a range of awards in basic skills for children to work toward.

As we hope that our children will aspire to a range of careers and personal interests in the future, and to ensure that they gain knowledge and skills across all subjects, we designed our curriculum to cover not only the statutory aspects of the National Curriculum but also to consider of our local heritage. This will include our proximity to a RAF Base, a local design hub, sports specialists within the local grammar school and other local amenities.  We will endeavour to seek out and expose our children to areas and opportunities that they may not have had access to. We will also make sure that we give the children the opportunity to re-visit and recall previously learned knowledge and make sure that this is ‘baked’ into the curriculum.


Our key aim is that when children leave us to move on to secondary school, they have:

  • confidence in themselves and their attitudes to learning
  • the ability to communicate, socialise and listen to everybody.
  • a firm grasp of basic skills, regardless of their start point
  • the chance to recognise that there is life and opportunities beyond St Botolph’s
  • the drive to be aspirational and to aim high and challenge themselves to achieve great things in the future whether that means a job or travel
  • a strong sense of moral purpose and respect for others



Through quality teaching of knowledge, skills and vocabulary across core and foundation subjects, all children will be challenged to be inquisitive, compassionate, courageous and creative learners. They will have opportunities to influence their own learning through age appropriate and progressive themes and topics. Effective learning characteristics including being ambitious, reflective and imaginative will drive teaching and learning.



Our children will have a confident set of skills, knowledge, Christian values and drive which can be used to get ahead in education and life more generally. In short they will learn more, remember more, enjoy more and develop more spiritually, socially and emotionally. This will enable them to be ready for their next stage in education.

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