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R.E. & Collective Worship Co-ordinator - Miss S Beckett
R.E. Governor - Rev. Mark Thomson


Our Intent
At St Botolph's we aim to make Religious Education lessons exciting and engaging. We want our children to be well-rounded individuals and have an understanding and respect for all faiths and beliefs. 


Our R.E. Curriculum

St Botolph's  is required to follow the Lincolnshire locally agreed syllabus for Religious Education (2018-2022). This syllabus aims to help children and young people develop their religious literacy so that they are able to hold balanced and well-informed conversations about religions and beliefs. It requires schools to teach about Christianity, Hinduism and Islam, alongside a range of other religions and worldviews. The Lincolnshire Locally Agreed syllabus for Religious Education ensures that all children and young people have the opportunity to develop skills of critical analysis, interpretation, evaluation and reflection, as well as supporting schools to help them improve their knowledge and understanding of religion and belief. We also support our R.E. teaching by using the Understanding Chrisitianity resource. 


For more information about this syllabus and the way in which Religious Education is delivered at St Botolph's, please contact the RE subject leader, Miss Beckett.


As a church school, we work in partnership with St Botolph's Church and Reverend Mark. We also visit St Denys Church and our Y6's take part in the Church Schools Festival at Lincoln Cathedral. 


Section 48 - Church Schools Report - November 2017



What is a reserved teacher?

Section 58 of the Schools Standards and Framework Act 1998 requires the appointment in Voluntary Controlled (VC) schools of teachers who are able to provide religious education in accordance with the requirements of the Trust Deed of the school or in accordance with the tenets of the relevant religious denomination.


St Botolph's Reserved Teachers:-

Miss S Beckett

Mrs D Wilson


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