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** Up to Lime**

Please see the below website for the Big Cat ebooks. This is the reading scheme that we follow in school. Your child should know the colour band that they are currently reading, however they do have a list in their reading diaries in case they are not sure. After the book has been read, there is a comprehension quiz for your child to complete.

Click on the Teacher portal and enter


Password: Parents20!

And click ‘Login’


** Above Lime **

Please visit the below website for the Oxford Owl reading scheme. You have to register as a parent and then yourr child will compete a short reading test which will give you a stage of books to pick from as  it doesn’t match the Big Cat scheme. 


Please take this opportunity to keep reading lots of books from home, the library or wherever!


Happy reading!

Renaissance myON


Through myON you will have access to over 7000 books, which you can either read or listen to as an audio book. Keep reading :)

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