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Rhyme Time

Term One

Rhyme Time


Twinkle Twinkle little star, do you know how loved you are?


Over the course of this topic, we will focus on a different nursery rhyme each week including incy wincy spider, humpty dumpty and Miss Polly had a Doll. 

Week 1


What a super first week we have all had! The children have settled in really beautifully and we are already so very proud of them.


We have enjoyed making new friends and learning with all of the wonderful toys we have in our classroom. The children are beginning to learn the school rules and routines. Hopefully they are coming home and singing some of the new songs they have learnt too.



Week 2


I'm a little teapot short and stout...


This week we have been focusing on the nursery rhymes I'm a little teapot and head, shoulders, knees and toes.


This week has been a week of firsts...first time of learning all together as a class of 30, first afternoon of learning and our first phonic lesson!


In phonics, the children have been helping poor Fred Frog find his missing sounds. So far, we have found m, a and s. We have been brilliant phonic detectives and have even spotted these sounds in books and our class displays. To help Fred even more, we have written these sounds down. Some of us have noticed that the letters we write at school look different to how we have written them before but we are having a really good go at writing cursively!


In maths, we have continue to learn how to count carefully by putting the objects in a line and touching each one as we say the numbers. We have really enjoyed making sure each other have had the right amount of sugar cubes during our tea parties!

Old MacDonald has asked us to help him count his animals. To make sure that he didn't forget, the children have made 'signs' for the fields. We have even ordered these numbers so that he knows which animal he has the most/least of.


During our afternoon learning, we have thought about what it is like to be a good St Botolph's pupil and used this to create our own class charter. We will show that we agree to these by using our beautifully painted self-portraits. 


Week 3


There was an old woman who lived in a shoe...



In phonics, we are continuing to help Fred Frog and we've learnt the sounds d, t and i. We are trying so hard with our handwriting too!


In maths, we have really enjoyed learning all about shapes. We've made some super shape pictures and have begun to describe shapes using the words 'sides', 'corners', 'curved' and 'straight'.

The Little Old Woman set us a few challenges too! We investigated which shoe lace she should use for her new shoe-house. We compared the lengths of the shoe laces and even put them in order. We then had to help her find a new shoe to live in as she needed more room for all of her children. We talked about the size of each shoe, again comparing and ordering them.


During our afternoon learning, we have been talking about our families. We understand that whilst all families are different, they are all just as special. We have really enjoyed painting pictures of our families!

Week 4


Five little men in a flying saucer...


Wow! What an amazing week we have had this week. We have really enjoyed learning about this nursery rhyme. There are a lot of children in Foundation who would like to astronauts when they are older!


In English, we took a trip into space. We acted out getting ourselves ready for our mission and then zooming off into space. We saw lots of amazing things in space such as; the moon, stars, planets and aliens. With a bump we landed back into the classroom and then drew a picture and wrote about what we saw on our space adventure.

We have learnt even more sounds in phonics! This week, we have focused on p, n and g.


In Maths, we were set a challenge by an alien we met in space. We had to recognise the numbers on the birthday cards for him. We can all find the birthday card we would need now and the birthday card we will get next. We enjoyed making playdough birthday cards for ourselves and adding the correct amount of candles. Later on in the week, we were set another challenge. This time we had to check that the alien had chosen the right card for his friend. He wanted the number 5 on his card but sent us a card with the number 2 on it. We all became 'number 5' detectives and can find and describe the number 5!


During our afternoon learning, we have been thinking about how dark it is in Space and when it is dark here on Earth. We talked about what we do during the night and learnt that not all animals sleep when we do. We loved making duplo houses for nocturnal animals.

Week 5


Miss Polly had a dolly who was sick, sick, sick...


We are getting really good with our sounds and have learnt even more this week. We now know o, c and k. We are starting to use these sounds to help us read words. In English we had to match the initial sound to the picture we were given. We were then challenged to match the word to the picture!


In Maths, we have continued to learn about the number 5. This week, we have been introduced to the concepts 'whole' and 'part'. We have been helping Miss Polly split her 5 dollies in different ways and send some to the nurse and some to the doctors. We know that there are lots of different ways to make 5 and we are beginning to be able to show this using lots of different pieces of equipment.


During our afternoon learning, we have been thinking about how to keep ourselves healthy. We know that it is important to keep ourselves clean, exercise regularly, eat lots of fruit and vegetables and get a good nights sleep. We have also thought about the children in this world who aren't as lucky as we are. We talked about our hopes for these children and wrote them on rainbows.

Week 6


Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall....


We had a very mysterious start to our week this week. We arrived on Monday morning to find a crime scene. Something had gone terribly wrong in Fairytale land and there was police tape all around a wall with a crack egg underneath that wall. We had to use our detective skills to piece together what had happened to poor old Humpty! We used pictures sent to use in evidence envelops to sequence the moments leading up to accident. Luckily for Humpty Dumpty, the children were very good at putting on plasters to stick him back together again!


We continued to help Humpty Dumpty during our science investigation. Humpty Dumpty was fed up of falling off the wall and hurting himself so he asked us if we could help him find a softer landing. He asked us to choose between stones, feathers, lego bricks and baked beans. We all predicted feathers would be the best landing as they are soft. But we were very surprised to find out that actually baked beans are the best landing and the only material that didn't leave Humpty with a cracked head!



Week 7


Incy Wincy Spider climbed up the water spout...


We can't believe the term is coming to an end already! This first term has flown by. But then again, time flies when you are having fun and we have lots of fun in Foundation!


Another nursery rhyme character needs our help this week. This time Incy Wincy is sick of getting wet and has decided to invest in a coat but he can't which material he should use to make his coat. Should he use paper, foil, plastic bag or binca?

We used all of our investigative skills to test each material. Taking it in turns to pour water on a covered up Incy Wincy, we discovered that he had the choice of two material - foil or plastic bag. Lucky Incy Wincy!


We were introduced to another spider during Maths. We met Walter and looked at his wonderful, shape filled web. We learnt the names of each shape in Walter's web and how to describe them using the correct vocabulary. Walter even taught us the names of two new shapes; a pentagon and a hexagon.


The Foundation team would like to thank everyone for their support with this Nursery Rhyme Day. The children all looked fantastic in their costumes and proudly sang the rhymes they had learnt this term.

We hope that you have a great half term. Rest and enjoy! We will see back again on 31st October reading for another exciting, fun-filled term!

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