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Rhyme Time

Week 1

Wow! What a super first week we have had at school. The children have all settled in so well and we are so proud of them all. 

The children have enjoyed learning how to use their new classroom and making new friends. Staying at school for lunch was very exciting!


Week 2

We can't believe that the children have only been at school for one full week - they are all doing so well and we are so proud of them! They are all coping very well coming into school on their own - very brave and very grown up!

We have been practising writing our name and forming our letters correctly, using pre-cursive handwriting. In Maths, we have been practising counting and recognising numbers. During the afternoons, we have been thinking about what we look like and have all painted a self-portrait. They are proudly on display in the corridor and look beautiful!


Week 3

What a busy week we've had again! The children are working so hard and making all of the adults in the classroom beam with pride!

This week we have started learning our sounds and have been practising how to read and write the sounds 'm, a and s'. Shape has been our focus for Maths and the children have all made a beautiful shape picture, naming and describing as many shapes as they can. We will continue practising learning how to name and describe shapes using correct mathematical language such as sides and corners.

Families have been the focus for this week and we have all enjoyed talking about our family photos. We have even made a family shoe just like the nursery rhyme 'The little old woman who lived in a shoe.'

Week 4 

This week we have been looking at the nursery rhyme 'Twinkle Twinkle'. We have learnt all about day and night. We have been thinking about nocturnal animals and light sources.

In phonics, we have learnt three new sounds - 'd, t and i'. After reading the story 'Whatever Next!', we went on our very own space mission. We thought about what we had seen in space and drew this in our project books. We practising holding and saying our sentence to describe our picture. Number has been our focus for Maths and we all wrote the numeral and drew a picture to represent our age. We will keep working on our number formation!

During our afternoons, we have studied and created our own version of Vincent Van Gogh's Starry night painting.



Week 5 

What a super week we have had this week learning all about Miss Polly and her dolly. We have focused on keeping healthy - healthy foods, exercise, keeping clean and staying safe with medicines.

In phonics, we have learnt three more new sounds - 'n, p and g'. We have been using our phonics knowledge in our English lessons to help us read inital sounds in words and begin to read simple CVC words.

We have been practising our counting skills in Maths this week. We know that to help us count carefully, we need to move our objects into a line and touch the objects whilst counting them. If we can't move the objects to count, we cross them out whilst counting them.

In art this week, we have created simple line drawings of dolls and used wax crayons to colour them in correctly.



Week 6 

What an exciting week we have had this week! It all started with a crime scene...we had to work out what happened to poor old Humpty!

In English, we sequenced the events of what happened to Humpty Dumpty ready to tell the police.

In phonics, we have learnt another three new sounds - 'o, c and k'.  In Maths, we have been learning all about more. We now understand that 'more means larger' because our numbers get bigger when we have more. We are able to add 1 more to any number up to 5 and show this using different pieces of equipment.

Humpty Dumpty set us a challenge and asked us to help him find something to break his fall next time he sits on a wall. We carried out an experiment to see which material would be better - feathers, stones and beans. We all thought the feathers would be best because they are soft and we were all surprised to find out that Humpty still cracked when he landed on feathers. But he didn't crack when he landed on the beans!!



Week 7 

This term has gone so quickly! We can't believe we are in the final week! 

This week we have learnt about Incy Wincy spider. In Maths, we looked at 2D shapes again. We practised naming and describing shapes using the correct mathematical vocabulary - corners and sides. We applied our shape knowledge to pattern and created our own repeating pattern.

We learnt 2 more sounds this week - u and b. 

During our topic learning, we helped Incy Wincy solve his problem and tested materials to see which material would be best for keeping him dry. We understood that the material needed to be waterproof so he could choose either tinfoil or a plastic bag.

We had such a fantastic day on Tuesday for our nursery rhyme day. Thank you to all the grown ups who helped with costumes - all the children looked fantastic! We hope that you enjoyed our nursery rhyme performance.



Enjoy your half term. You all deserve a rest! Relax and have fun. We will see you back at school on Tuesday 30th October 2018!smiley

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