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Robin Hood

Term Five

Robin Hood

The Legend of a Local Hero...

This term, we will be learning about the life of Robin Hood. We will begin the topic by visiting the place that the legendary character spent a lot of his time- Sherwood Forest. There, we will be learning about Robin Hood and how he lived then try our hand at shelter building. This trip will link brilliantly with our Science topic- we will see how many trees we can name and try to spot the famous Great Oak!
Other things planned this term include archery commentary, thinking about how we can look after the environment and developing our photography skills.

Week 1
This week, we have kicked off our new topic with a trip to Sherwood Forest! We learned so much about t he legend of Robin Hood and saw the Major Oak, his famous hideout spot. Also, we learned about how people lived in the Middle Ages and saw some clothing and equipment they would have used. In the afternoon, we tried our hand at shelter building. We used the logs and tree branches and worked as a team. Then, our shelters had a hurricane and rain test! Some of us got quite wet!

Week 2
We have created some beautiful observational drawings! We looked at leaves from different trees and thought about the patterns we could see. Using special art pencils, we drew the leaves and these have been displayed in our classroom. In other news...we have written recounts of our trip to Sherwood Forest. We had a lot to write about and used some brilliant time connectives. In Maths, we have been busy partitioning numbers to 40 into tens and ones.

Week 3
Continuing our work on recount writing, we got into the character of Robin Hood! We acted out the story of 'The Golden Arrow', then wrote a recount to describe the events of the archery contest. We showed that we could use 'I' and write 'ed' spellings! In Maths, we have been ordering numbers to 40 and used our counting skills to count gold coins stolen by Robin Hood! Also this week, we have become photographers! We learned the features of a digital camera and have taken photographs of the signs of spring.

Week 4
This week, we have been learning more about Robin Hood. We were given a parcel full of information including when he may have lived, who he married and his real name. It was a very interesting activity and we produced a fact file. In our topic lessons this week, we have been focusing on our RE unit of work based on Baptism. We have been writing invitations and getting ready for our 'baby' dolls Christenings on Monday- we have named them 'Matthew George' and 'Pippa May'.

Week 5
Reverend Mark came into school this week to Christen our class 'babies'. We all gathered near the school font and some children were selected to act as parents and godparents. We all had words to say, using a specially made service sheets and afterwards, the babies were given a certificate and candle. Also this week, we have been writing acrostic poems about Robin Hood. They were amazing and we cannot wait for you to read them next week! Some have been proudly displayed in the KS1 corridor too!

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