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Term 5 = Plants was our topic this term and we began by looking carefully at the similarities and differences between plants in the school grounds. We also set up an experiment to see if plants needed light, darkness, water or no water in order to grow.  We planted cress seeds and tasted the cress once it had grown (after a second attempt at keeping the cotton wool moist all the time!).  Our main project was keeping a bean diary.  Everybody got to plant their own bean and was responsible for looking after it.  Every week we looked at the beans and wrote about them in our diaries. It was fun watching the roots and leaves grow each week. 

Terms 3 and 4 = Our Science topic was Materials and their Properties.  We sorted materials into different groups and could explain why. We looked at what was special about metals, fabrics, wood, plastic and glass.  We used lots of adjectives to describe them; rough, smooth, hard, soft, flexible, bendy, rigid.  To end our topic we had a Science day and had to predict which material would make the best roof for a house.  We then tested them by pouring water over the topic to look for leaks. We also explored magnets and searched the room for things which were and were not magnetic.  That was great fun!!!

Term 2 = This term we have been learning about forces and how we can change the way we make things move by pushing and pulling.  We had fun pushing and pulling on our scooters!

Term 1 = In Science we have been learning about our bodies and our senses.  We used our senses to smell and feel things which we couldn't see.  We also enjoyed tasting different foods and trying to guess the crisp flavours.
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