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Seaside Fun!

Week 1

This week we completed our topic from last term by learning about The Creation Story from the Old Testament. We painted lovely pictures of all the things God created on the different days and talked about how we should look after our world to keep it beautiful. We also worked in groups to learn about different habitats around the world - The Arctic, Grasslands, Rainforest, Desert and Ocean. We created 3D habitats using a range of resources and then wrote some interesting facts about that habitat. In number we were re-visiting counting, ordering and recognising numbers to 20. We also planted some sunflower seeds, hoping to encourage the sun to shine.


Week 2

This week we have been learning about staying safe at the seaside. We have learnt all about the RNLI and the job of a lifeboat person or a lifeguard. We have been thinking about other heroes like our daddies (as it is a very special day on Sunday for daddies!) and also about a special heroine called Grace Darling who was born hundreds of years ago. We learnt how brave Grace was and then, using the story of Grace Darling as inspiration, we have retold the story of 'Gracie the lighthouse cat' in our writing task. In maths we have been practicing counting on to add and counting back to subtract. We have made some surprises for our daddies and some really great lighthouses. In our science we have been exploring objects that float and sink.

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