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Seaside Fun!

Welcome Back!


We hope that you have all had a lovely, chocolate filled Easter and are ready for the busy summer term ahead. We can't believe just how quickly the year is going!

Week 1

What a busy first week we have had! We are all very excited about coming back to school, catching up with our friends and telling everyone about our chocolate filled Easters!


This week we have been learning about staying safe at the seaside. We have learnt all about the RLNI and listen to the story of the heroic Grace Darling. Using the story of Grace Darling as inspiration, we have retold the story of 'Gracie the lighthouse cat' in English.


In maths, we have begun learning about numbers to 20; recognising, ordering and counting up to 20 objects.

Week 2

This week we have been thinking about the features of the seaside. The children have become artists, creating their own water-colour interpretation of Natalie Pascoe's seaside scene.


In English, we have been practising writing super sentences using 'tricky' words and remembering to use the features of a sentence; capital letters, finger spaces and full stops. Some of the children have even wowed us by using adjectives!


We have been super impressed this week by the children's knowledge of teen numbers. We have been learning how to make numbers 11-19 using a variety of equipment and we have been thinking carefully about the value of each digit. We now know that 19 is made up of a 10 and 9 not a 1 and 9!

Week 3

This week we have looked at how the seaside has changed over the years. The children have watched a few clips from Magic Grandad outlining the difference and then they played a game in groups where they had to sort pictures and statements, depending on whether they were about the seaside a long time ago, the seaside today or both.


This week, the children showed off just how much their writing skills have improved and developed over the year by writing in their own learning without the support of an adult. We are so impressed with their writing and they should be very proud of themselves too!


In Maths, we have revisited the concept of addition. This time focusing on adding by counting on - putting one number in our head and counting on the rest. We all know that adding can be done in any order but that it is sensible to put the biggest number in our heads. Well done everyone!

Week 4

We hope that you all enjoyed the 3 day weekend - it was a really lovely sunny one for a change! Despite it being a shorter week, it was still a busy one full of exciting learning!


Once again, the children have been budding artists this week but this time they have learnt about Andy Warhol and pop art. The children created their own pop art ice-cream picture. They are certainly brightening up our classrooms! In addition to this, the children were challenged to make a boat that would be able to take people for a sight seeing trip at the seaside. The children were able to chose the shape of their box and then from a selection of different materials, were able to select what they would cover their boat in, giving their reasons for this choice. We can't wait to test them out to see if they are waterproof or not and to discuss what changes, in any, we would make.


Once again, the children have been demonstrating all that they have learnt about sentences this week in English and they have written some fantastic sentences about  a seaside scene.


In Maths, we have revisited subtraction. This time, we have been focusing on counting back to find the answer. This is a tricky concept but with the support of a number line, we have just about cracked it! Well done children :) 

Week 5

Wedding fever has hit Foundation this week! We are all very excited about the upcoming wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. The children have really enjoyed making wedding cards for the happy couple, designing their own crowns and dresses for Meghan and dressing up as princes and princesses themselves. We have even had our own wedding in Foundation!


In English this week, the children have been making up their own stories about princes and princesses. Some of them include a disaster about meeting a witch who turns the princess into a frog before she can marry her prince - lets hope Saturday goes without a hitch for the real royal couple!


In Maths this week, the children have been learning all about doubles. We know what doubling means and have been practising how to double numbers. Miss Stewart's class have made a double fruit salad for the royal couples wedding breakfast!

Week 6

How is the last week of term already?! We sure we have blinked and missed this term. It will be the end of the school year before we know it!


This week, we have been learning all about different sea creatures. 


In English, we have watched factual clips about different sea creatures including dolphins, jellyfish and sea cows. We then used what we had learnt about these different animals to write factual sentences, again making sure we used all the important features of a sentence - capital letter, finger spaces and full stop.


In Maths, we have been thinking about halving. We understand that halving is when you split something into 2 equal pieces/groups. We have been practising halving lots of objects such as shapes, playdough and fruit. We then moved on to halving numbers and looking at the relationship between doubling and halving. Finally, we looked whether we can halve every number and used this thinking to learn about odd and even numbers.


To end this super, busy, fun-filled term, the children used their ever improving reading skills to complete a treasure hunt. As a treat for all our hard work, we enjoyed an ice-cream in the sunshine whilst thinking about summer and how to stay safe in the sun.

Enjoy the half term break. Rest and relax ahead of the very busy and final term in Foundation!


We will see you bright and early on Monday 4th June! smiley

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