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Story Time!

Week 1

Autumn - Stickman


The children have returned after the half term  holiday with big smiles on their faces and ready to learn. We hope that they enjoyed their school break. 

This week we decided to focus on Autumn. The children have been very excited about the change in season and looking at the signs of Autumn. We have continued this at school, by having an Autumn themed classroom. There have been conkers, pumpkins, squash and Autumn leaves around the unit and the children have enjoyed exploring these items.

As well as discussing the signs of Autumn, we went on an Autumn walk around school, ticking items off on our checklist. The highlight this week for the children was a lady who came to visit with her tortoise. It was just about to go into hibernation, but the children were lucky enough to have a hold and ask her lots of questions. Thank you Mrs Fox!

The focus book this week has been Stickman and the children have ordered sticks according to their length and made a stick puppet. They loved using their puppet with other story props and developing story language.

In maths, we have been learning about number 4. We have counted 4 objects and actions, then learned how to write the number. Later in the week, we looked at different ways of making number 4.

A great first week back, with lots of learning involved - well done everybody!


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