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Term 2 = Let me entertain you!

Term 2 - Let me entertain you!!

In History we have been learning about toys in the past and the types of material they were made from.  I don't know how the children would cope without their Play Station and X Box games nowadays, but they seemed to like watching Punch and Judy shows with the naughty Mr Punch. We then designed, made and evaluated our own spoon people.  Come and have a look at them in the corridor!!

In RE Reverend Sandra came into school soon to lead a proper christening service using our school font and the children learnt about the Christian symbols and traditions used during the service. We have also been learning about how Christians celebrate Christmas and the traditions we have. We had great fun acting out the Nativity story. Can you tell who we are?
In Numeracy we have continued to improve our counting.  We have learnt the days of the week, months of the year and also discussed what is special about each season.  We have begun to learn to tell the time and can make o'clock times.  We can recognise and describe the names and properties of 2D and 3D shapes. We even went on a shape hunt round the school and have looked at patterns for colours and shapes.
In Literacy we looked at a range of stories with familiar settings as well as traditional and fairy stories. We talked about the characters and the setting for each story. We are now very good at using adjectives to describe what something looks, feels or sounds like.
In Science we have been learning about forces and how we can change the way we make things move by pushing and pulling.  We had fun pushing and pulling on our scooters across the playground!

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