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Term 5 Weekly Updates

This term, our learning will be brought to life through the world of Harry Potter. As we delve into life at Hogwarts, our work will be full of magic, witchcraft and wizardry! Our trip to Harry Potter Studios provided a super start to our new topic and has inspired the children and teachers alike.
Keep checking back for photos and information - we can't wait to share the children's work with you!

In English this week, we are writing our own play scripts starring the characters from Harry Potter. We have learnt all about the features of a script that need to included. Check out the list that we came up with below.
- Play and/or scene title
- Cast list
- Character name followed by a colon
- No speech marks or said words
-New line, new speaker
- Stage directions in brackets
- Narrator to help tell the story
We are now using our list to write our own scripts, thinking hard about the dialogue, narration and stage directions. On Friday, we will be working together to act out some of our scripts - be sure to check back for pictures of us in action!

This week, we began our new focus in maths. We are learning all about money. We have learnt how to write money correctly, how to round money to the nearest pound, as well as comparing different amounts of money using more than and less than. We are now using all of our money knowledge to problem solve. We are working hard to add up the costs of different items and figure at how much change we need. 

This week, we started to write our own recounts all about our amazing school trip. We looked through our photographs and talked about our experiences of the day. We are trying to ensure we include all of the key features of a recount within our writing...
- paragraphs
- chronological order
- past tense
- writing about a personal experience
- names of people and places
- time conjunctions 
- writing in the first person 
We hope to be able to share some our writing on our class page. Watch this space...

Our current focus in maths is fractions. We have been learning how to add fractions, simplify fractions and place fractions onto a number line. We have also had a major focus on equivalent fractions. Though we have found some aspects of equivalent fractions extremely tricky, we have worked hard and persevered! We are really developing our maths skills both mentally and practically.

We had an absolutely AMAZING trip to the Warner Brothers Studio Tour in Watford. We were able to really experience and understand the magic of the Harry Potter films. We learnt a great deal about the sets, props and cinematography that helped to create the films. We were able to come face to face with some of the scarier creatures featured in the films - particularly the huge spiders!!!! Miss Cooper had the fright of her life when the biggest spider crawled out of its cave towards her! Please see the photographs below...
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