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Term Four - Robin Hood

Term Four
Robin Hood

The Story of a Local Legend...


Week One

Welcome back after a weeks break! We hope you had a fun yet relaxing time! We have come back to school with a super attitude to learning! In English, we have been practicing our skills. We have used to learn the 'ing' suffix and wrote lots of verbs based on a clip we watched from Robin Hood. 

In Maths, we have completed our learning based on Shape.  We have been able to make and continue patterns and have tried to draw 2D shapes accurately, using a ruler. 

In Science, we have been learning the names of trees. We went on a tree hunt but realised that we couldn't name some of the trees as there were no leaves to look at! So, we learned about deciduous and evergreen and grouped the trees accordingly. 

Week Two

We have had an extremely short week due to the bad weather! It did however, start of brilliantly! We received some packages on Monday and went through them. Included was a birth certificate and photographs, maps and objects all about Robin Hood. We learned so much about this significant person from history and after, wrote some super fact files. 

We hope you enjoyed a few days in the snow with your families! 

Week Three

This has been a very exciting week! On Friday, we went to Sherwood Forest (Mrs West was so sad she missed it!). When we arrived, we were told lots about the medieval times and how Robin Hood and his Merry Men may have lived. Then, we went to see the Major Oak- it was amazing! After lunch, we tried our hand at den building! We had to carefully move pieces of tree trunk and bark to make the best shelter. Then, it was time for the rain and hurricane test- some of us got a bit wet!

Week Four

This week in English, we have been writing a story based on ‘The Golden Arrow’. First, we ordered the events and talked though the sentences. Then, we showed off our amazing writing skills! Lots of us remembered our capital letters and full stops and we tried our best to add lots of detail…wow!

We have enjoyed making pop up Easter cards this week- you’re in for a treat when they finally come home!

Week Five

We have been learning about the Christian festival of Easter. Together, we acted out Palm Sunday. The crowd cheered and waved palm leaves and Tiago acted out Jesus riding on his donkey brilliantly! Later in the week, we ordered the events of Easter and learned the names of the Holy days.

The children in year one impressed their teachers a huge amount this week! They were assessed in Maths and English and blew the adults socks off! Well done everyone!

Week Six

The last week of the term is here and we are getting ready for a break! On Monday, we tried our hand at archery. Jay coached us carefully on how to hold the bow and when the arrows were shot, some of us hit the bullseye! It was a great day and a super experience for the children. On Tuesday, we celebrated Easter. We made little Easter baskets, ready to be filled with treats and tasted some yummy hot cross buns. We understand some of the symbols of Easter and can tell you about them.

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