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Term One - Incredible Me!

Term One

Incredible Me!

Is it a bird? Is it a plane?'s Superman!


Week One

Well what a week! It was lovely to see all the children and hear about the great fun they've had over the Summer. This was a bit of a settling week for all of us as we got to find our way around our new classrooms and worked through our new timetable. We have written our Class Charters, made our Class Crosses and written about our Summer holidays. In Maths, we are revising numbers to 10 and have been familiarising ourselves with different maths apparatus that might help us with our learning this year. The children also talked about their 'hopes' as a launch to this terms Christian Value. In Computing this term, we are going to be making models so we have started this week by learning how to log on to the computers, open up a program and access it. 

Next week we will be starting our 'Read, Write Inc' Phonics groups and our PE sessions. no

Week Two

Well, what another busy week. The children and staff are all settled into our routines and have enjoyed our first PE sessions this week. Inside we are focusing on gymnastics and outside we are looking at developing running skills. 

In English we are thinking about Lists, Labels and Captions. We have spent time this week labelling different pictures of Superheroes and their equipment. We are trying hard to use our sound when writing. We will be adding adjectives next week and are hoping for some great words.

In Maths we have been assessing knowledge of numbers, shapes and patterns this week. We are starting the 'Maths No problem' scheme next week and the children are encouraged to use different equipment to support their learning an to explain their thinking. 

In History we are starting to look at families and the Stages of Growth. Thank you to everyone who has sent in photos.

There was great excitement on Friday as the children got to use the I Pads. They had to find a particular app, load it and then scan a QR code to access a maths program. All the children had a go and were all successful. "Working on Ipads with someone is such great fun" said Adam. 


Don't forget the meeting for Year 1 parents at 3:10 on Thursday in Mrs Glover's Classroom. 

Week Three

Another busy week has whizzed past. The children are getting to grips with the Maths No Problem scheme and are enjoying exploring the range of apparatus available to them.  In English we had lots of fun adding adjectives to our labels. The children had to describe Superman and his costume. Words like 'nice' and 'big' were banned. We have had some super words and the children really tried hard to use their phonics knowledge when spelling them. Next week, we will be writing lists detailing what you need to be a Superhero. 

In geography we have been learning all about the United Kingdom and the children have labelled the four countries that make up our island. Next we will be thinking about the capital cities of those countries and the seas that surround us. 

We have had an interesting chat this week from a lady at the NSPCC who told us all about sharing our worries and who its appropriate to share them with. The children are going to take part in a 'Dance-athon' next week to help raise funds for this wonderful charity. details to follow. 


Thank you to all the Parents and Carers who attended our quick 'Welcome' meeting on Thursday. We hope you found it useful.

Week Four

We have worked really hard this week. In English we have been extending our knowledge of labels by looking specifically at the use of captions. We spent some time looking at non-fiction texts and discussed the role captions play in these texts. Next week, the children will extend this knowledge and will also have a go at writing their own captions.

We began work on handwriting this week. The children need to start joining up their writing in Year One so we will be spending some time practising their formation and building up to joining with more fluidity.

Our Maths No Problem work continues to go well and the children have been looking at the key vocabulary - more, fewer, the same as, greatest and smallest. There has been alot of practical activities enabling the children to explore these terms. Next week we move on to investigating number bonds to 10.

Thank you to all the parents and carers who completed the summer holiday homework task of sending in the 4 photos of your children from birth to current age. The children had great fun showing these and  sequencing them in chronological order. They then used them to create their own personal timelines. 

On Friday, we all took part in the NSPCC Dance-athon. We chose a variety of songs and threw some interesting shapes. Let's hope we get lots of sponsor money in. 

Looking ahead, next week we will be celebrating Harvest Festival and looking into the origins of this celebration.

Week Five

Wow - we weren't expecting that! We had 3 special visitors for 2 days this week. The children were brilliant and certainly showed how hard we are working in Year One. We are slowly getting to grips with Maths No problem and have been looking at Number Bonds to ten and really getting a better understanding of the value of these numbers and how they are made. We had lots of Superhero missions involving sending heroes to different buildings and making totals. the children worked very hard. 

In English we had a cry for help from Sargent Fletcher of the Police. Some comic book villains had escaped from jail and he needed our help to make wanted posters. The children started by looking at evidence files on the villains and making notes about their personalities and clothing - using adjectives in their writing. Thy then used these to help them write full sentences for their Wanted posters. We had some super work. 

We did our first science work this week - we looked at our Super bodies and our 5 senses in particular. The children completed five experiments that highlighted different senses - including smelling and tasting some interesting things. It was a lot of fun. 


On Thursday we celebrated Harvest Festival and the children wrote prayers of thanks for Harvest. They listened to Reverend Mark who explained how Christians celebrate this festival and why. We also used vegetables to make faces. 


On Friday we all came dressed in Red, White and Blue as we raised funds for different Forces charities. The children all looked amazing and we chatted about what wonderful work our armed forces do to protect our country and to support other nations around the world.

Final Fortnight

We we certainly finished on a high with our Superhero WOW day. Thank you to everyone who took time to dress up their children. they all looked amazing. We finished our English work by doing an assessed piece of writing describing Mr Incredible and are really pleased with the descriptions that we have had. The children have learnt a lot about adjectives and captions which certainly helped them.

In our Maths we have moved on to addition. we are exploring different ways of adding to help the children understand that there is more than one way and to see which method they prefer. Again, they are required to do a lot of explaining behind how they got their answers and also applying their reasoning in different contexts. 


In our Art work, we continued to look at the work of Pablo Picasso and had great fun drawing self-portraits and then cutting them up and rearranging them into Piccasso-esque faces. We then added paint and also had a go at using a computer programme that also replicates his style of work. 

We finished our outside PE theme of running, by holding races in our Superhero costumes so that the children could put their learned skills into practise. Great fun was had by all. 


Thank you all for your support this term and to the many of you that attended our Parents Evenings. We look forward to more fun and learning next term in our new topic entitled 'Fe Fi Fo Fum!'


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