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Term One - Toy Story

We are really enjoying learning about Toys!

In our English lessons, we have been watching Toy Story to inspire our ‘Stories with Familiar Settings’. We have looked at photographs that Buzz and Woody have visited, to think about the places that a story could take place in. We have considered what it might feel like to lose a toy, looking at the facial expressions of Andy in the film, and will use this information for our own stories. We are looking forward to reading the story, ‘Knuffle Bunny’ to explore a story where a favourite toy becomes lost.

At the beginning of term, we learned to write lists. We looked at the scene in Toy Story when Andy had a birthday party. We decided that we would like to throw a party for our favourite toys. The children wrote a list of items that would be needed for our party and the teachers took these lists when they went shopping. On our party day, our favourite toys were so excited to come to school with us! We had great fun playing ‘pass the parcel’ and ‘pin the sheriff badge on Woody’! 

In our topic lessons, we have researched toys that our parents and grandparents played with when they were young and compared these to the toys that we play with. Mrs West bought in Polly Pockets, a Game Boy and dolls that she played with when she was little and we had never seen anything like it before! That made Mrs West feel very old! In addition to this, we learned about Victorian toys and loved investigating with the toys that were around in the early 1900’s. We played with hoops, dolls, marbles and hopscotch. Using this information, we wrote fantastic captions in our English lessons. See the photographs below…

Our topic continues next week when we make a moving rocket for Buzz to return to Planet Zorg!

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