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Term Three - Frozen

The cold doesn't bother us anyway!

We have been very busy this term and have loved our topic!

In English, the children have produced some amazing writing. They have continued to structure sentences using capital letters and full stops and have begun to learn about prefixes and suffixes. Using a clip from ‘The Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe’, the children used their senses to think about the wintery setting that Lucy found herself in. They looked at images, listened to snowstorm sounds and got very cold hands whilst touching ice cubes! Using this experience, the children wrote sentences about Narnia and used super adjectives! We are looking forward to watching another clip from Frozen this week and creating our own snow monster!

At the beginning of the term we learned about instruction writing. We had experiences of reading and following instructions including games of 'Simon Says' and made some beautiful snowflakes to decorate our classroom. 

In our topic lessons, we have looked at polar countries. We have found these countries on a map and thought about how Inuit people live differently to us. We have enjoyed identifying and learning about animals that love in the Arctic and Antarctic and created some lovely collage and paints of them. For our homework project, we researched Captain Robert Falcon Scott and showed a keen interest in the explorer. We wrote sentences, thinking about how he may have felt during his expedition. 

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