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Term Three - Moon Zoom

Term Three
Moon Zoom

Commencing Countdown. Engines...on!


Week One

To kick off the new school term, we have been learning about winter. We carried out a Science investigation based on the film ‘Frozen’. We had to predict how we could quickly melt ice to release some ‘people’ from an ice cube. We thought perhaps water would be the quickest but were surprised that salt did the job faster.

We have been keeping an eye on our tree and have drawn what it looks like in the winter season. What a great start we’ve had!

Week Two

In English this week, we have begun a topic based on writing instructions. This week, we amazed the children amazed us with their independence and reading skills. They were given a set of instructions of ‘How to make an alien handprint’. They worked all by themselves, following the instructions carefully and created some fantastic aliens which are now hung with pride in our classroom. Next week, we will write the instructions of how to make them.

In Art, we have been learning about tints and tones. We looked at a painting of the planet Neptune. We used different shades of blue and lines and shapes to create our own paintings. They are beautiful!

Week Three

In Maths this week, we have been learning some tricky concepts with addition. We have learned to add by making 10 then combining the tens and ones to make a two digit number. We used the counters and tens frames really well to do this.

In Geography, we have had great fun using Google maps to see the Earth from above. We zoomed in on different countries and tried to work out what the colours and shapes could be. We looked at Sleaford and could spot some landmarks that we knew, including our school.

On Wednesday, the Planetarium visited the school! We crawled through a tunnel into a tent. Mr. Morton told us lots of information about planets, the Moon landing and the Earth. Then, the lights went off…it was pitch black but we were so sensible. After, the stars came out and we were stargazing! We learned some names of constellations and can’t wait to look out tonight to see if we can spot them!

Week Four

This week, we have been learning about materials in Science. We named some materials that we use every day and started to think about their properties. We hope that you enjoyed finding some of the materials at home! We will use this knowledge next week to carry out an investigation based on the story ‘Whatever Next’.

In English, we have been writing instructions for ‘How to get back home’, based on the story ‘The Way Back Home’. We had to use time words and imperative verbs in our writing but did a fantastic job!

Week Five

The Moon Landing of 1969 have been at the forefront of out learning this week. We have begun to create an animation using a computer program and used slides to show a rocket blasting off into space. Next week, we will add more slides to show Neil Armstrong landing on the moon.

In English, we loved watching the John Lewis advert ‘The Man in the Moon’ (some of us had tears in our eyes!). The ‘Man in the Moon’ sent us some facts about the moon and we read them well using our phonic knowledge. The children were so excited and could not wait to tell the adults what they had found out! The sentences the children wrote about the moon the next day were super, and they are remembering their capital letters and full stops!

Week Six

This week in Maths, we have completed our chapter based on ‘addition and subtraction to 20’. We started to learn methods leading to column subtraction. We had to decide whether to subtract a number from the tens or the ones.

In English, we received some packages from ‘NASA’. They gave us clues and evidence about the Moon Landing of 1969. We found out the dates and times that it happened on, and what the astronauts did once they were on the moon. We will use this information next week to write a report.

On Tuesday, we had a visit from Reverend Mark and Bishop Nicholas. Reverend Mark told us about his experience of watching the Moon Landing when he was a boy! Then, he read us the Bible story, ‘The Good Samaritan’.

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