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Term Two - Fee Fi Fo Fum

Term Two

Fee Fi Fo Fum

Traditional Tales are taking over the Year One classrooms...


Week One

Welcome back! We hope you enjoyed your break! The children came back to school with great enthusiasm for learning and it was a good job as we have had an extremely busy week! 

On Tuesday, Dan Hawbrook came into school to talk to us about ESafety. We had good knowledge about this already but Dan told us that people we talk to online are strangers so that we need to be very careful. For more information, please check out our Curriculum page. If you ever have any concerns, please see a member of the year one team and we will do our best to help. 

Also this week, we began out English unit based on Traditional Tales. We had a lovely time on Wednesday, helping out the 'Jolly Postman'. We used our knowledge of the stories to do lots of tasks and deliver post to some fairy tale characters. 

In Maths, we have been learning to add. The children are able to use the 'whole, part, part' cards to explain their number sentences and find out missing number problems. 

Also this week, the new 'Reading Chart' was introduced. Each night that the children read at home, they will receive a stamp int their diary (if there is evidence of being read). When the chart is full, there will be a tasty treat! 

Week Two

In English this week, we have been thinking about the beginning of the story ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’. First, the children sequenced pictures, then, in groups of five, they performed with a group. We saw some brilliant actors and the narrators we loud and clear. Next week, we will start ‘climbing the beanstalk’…

In Maths, we have continued our addition chapter. The children are spotting addition facts that they know and have used this knowledge to tell number stories based on pictures given to them. They have worked very hard and been up for the challenge! Next week, subtraction!

In Science, we have been learning about the weather. We can tell you the different types of weather and how to prepare for it. We are looking forward to reading your weather descriptions that will be done for a homework task.

On Friday, year one celebrated Diwali. The children were so excited and showed respect in other religions beliefs. We learned an Indian dance and showed off our moves to the Bollywood soundtrack. This was very entertaining! Then, we carried out some ‘own learning’. We made Diwali cards, rangoli patterns and had a go at re-writing the story of Rama and Sita. With the teacher, the children made some beautiful Diva lamps using paper plates. These will hang proudly in our classrooms! To end the celebrations, we tasted some Indian chapattis, dipped in mango chutney and mint. It was delicious! (Although some of us were reluctant to taste it!) Then, we watched a firework display on the screen. What a fantastic day!

Week Three

In English this week, we have continued thinking about 'Jack and the Beanstalk'. The children have practiced using the suffix 'ed' to describe Jack's journey up the beanstalk. Then, the children saw the enormous Giant! They have thought of some brilliant adjectives to describe him and will use these next week as part of a description. In our computing lesson, we have used our fine-motor skills to paint a picture of the Giant and will practice our typing skills next week to write about him.

Thank you for all of your support during 'Children in Need'. During our class worship, we thought about how the donations would help children across the country and the world.

Week Four

This week has been a busy one! From jumping like bunnies in PE to subtracting magic beans in Maths, the children have been enjoying their learning and working very hard! Also, we have began making a new castle for the Giant, ensuring that there are lots of defense features! Thank you so much for all of the donated cereal boxes! The week ended with an amazing performance of the 'Wizard of Oz'. The children loved it (even though the Witch was a little scary!) and we are now feeling inspired! So, now our own play practice will begin...

Week Five

The Christmas Play, 'This Way to Bethlehem' is underway! The children are working hard to remember the song lyrics and some of us even have words to learn! 

Also in year one, we have been putting our D&T skills to the test. We have been  painting, cutting, sticking, joining and making a moving drawbridge for the Giant's new castle. There has been a lot to do but the teachers have seen some brilliant teamwork, well done year one! 

In Maths this week, we have started to look at numbers to 20. 

Week Six and Seven

Over the last coupe of weeks, our topic has been based on Christmas celebrations. We have made some beautiful Christmas cards using the printing technique. We hope you enjoyed looking at the penguins! Also, the children used the fingerprinting to edcorate their Christmas tree decorations. 

Our Christmas play, 'This Way to Bethlehem' was a triumph! The children were incredible- they sang beautifully, remembered their lines and the behaviour was impeccable. We are so proud and so should they be! 

As a Christmas treat, and as part of our Traditional Tale unit of work, year one and year two went to the pantomime! Newark Palace Theatre was beautiful and we were seated in the Royal Circle. We sang and danced all the way through and enjoyed the story of 'Beauty and the Beast' (even through the Beast was a little scary!). The ice cream was delicious too! 


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