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Term Two - Fee Fi Fo Fum

Term Two

Fee Fi Fo Fum

 Once upon a time in Year One, traditional tales characters took over the classroom...


This term, we will be reading traditional tales and relating our learning to them. We will read Red Riding Hood to learn about 'Stranger Danger', Goldilocks and the Three Bears to base our letter writing on but mainly, Jack and the Beanstalk. In D&T we will be creating a new castle for the Giant, painting pictures of the Giant using the new laptops and thinking about what the weather could be at the top of the beanstalk. We are going to be very busy!

Weekly Update:

Week One

It has been lovely to hear the children talk about what they did over the half term holidays, we hope you all had a lovely break and are ready to go for Term 2! This week, we have continued to learn all about adding to 10 in Maths and showing our answers in lots of different ways. We have been learning about addition stories and following these addition stories to work out the answer and show it as a calculation. In English, we have started to learn about the features of traditional tales and letters. We started our new topic with The Jolly Postman trail, hunting around school for clues where letters had been delivered from some traditional tale characters. We had lots of fun! In PE, we are continuing to learn more about gymnastics indoors and working on our running skills outdoors this term.


Week Two 

We have had a busy week in Year One. In Maths, we have started to learn about subtracting and focusing on crossing out to work out the answer.  In English, we have been continuing to learn about the features of a letter and putting a letter back in the right order, paying close attention to the way a letter starts and ends. We also had a go at writing our own letter based on the story 'Beware of the Bears'. The children enjoyed listening to this story and finding out a twist at the end! We are looking forward to our Design and Technology week starting on Monday. Our focus for this week will be learning lots of skills ready to design, make and evaluate a castle. The castles will be at our exhibition on Friday 16th November as part of Children In Need.


Week Three

Wow! This week, we turned into designers and creators! We had a special task based on the story of Jack and The Beanstalk. Our task was to make a castle for the Giant to stop Jack from getting in. To begin this exciting topic, we had a talk from Mr Bamford from Sleaford Museum who told us all about castles and taught us lots about Sleaford Castle. Next, we collected ideas for our castles, looking at pictures and creating a collage from the features we liked. Then, we investigated folds and joins and decided which methods were the strongest - using tape, glue or slotting cardboard together. We created our designs of our castles, labelling a picture with the features we would like on our castle, such as drawbridges, moats and towers. Then, we designed the base of our castle with our partner and painted it. We thought really carefully and some of the designs included beanstalks, golden eggs and stones for a courtyard. Then, we sponged bricks onto the walls and started to cut and fold ready to attach the walls to the base. We have worked really hard on our cutting skills this week! After that, we attached the drawbridge using string to move it up and down, the keep for the Giant to look out for Jack and we created a moat using tissue paper. Our last task was to create some flags for our castles. Finally, we evaluated them and thought carefully about what we liked, why it was a good castle and how we could improve it. Some of the things we liked about our castles were the moat, the drawbridge and the colourful flags. The children said they could make their castles better by adding more colour and sponging the bricks onto the walls more carefully. It has been lovely to see the children inspired by this week's learning and drawing their own castles at home. Thank you for your support this week, we are all so proud of our hard work! Please look at the photos above to see the process. We have also been busy in Maths this week, continuing to learn about subtraction.  We will be continuing this next week and begin to learn about shapes. 


Week Four 

In Year One this week, we have continued to learn about subtraction in Maths. We have been solving picture problems, making subtraction stories and learning about addition and subtraction families to make number sentences with the same numbers but in a different order, or using a different operation (+ or -). In English, we have learned about what a verb is and adding 'ed' onto verbs to describe Jack climbing up the beanstalk. The children produced some lovely writing and thought really carefully as if they were Jack. We have learned about how we prepare for weather in our Science lessons and this was timed well ready for the rain we have had this week! We have also started preparing for our Nativity performance called 'The Donkey Seller'. We are very excited and busy learning the words and the actions to the songs. Stay tuned for more details!


Week Five

We have had another busy week in Year One. We have started to learn about shape and patterns in Maths, including recognising and naming 2D and 3D shapes. We had fun looking around the classroom to identify shapes we could see in objects we look at and use every day! In English, we enjoyed taking on a secret mission! We needed to turn into detectives and gather information about The Giant from Jack and the Beanstalk. Using this information, we wrote sentences using 'and' to join our ideas. We have started our Nativity rehearsals this week too - we are continuing to learn the words and actions to some new songs! The children have tried really hard to remember the words and they are enjoying preparing for our performance. 


Week Six

Fee Fi Fo Fum! We have continued to focus on Jack and the Beanstalk this week. We sequenced the middle of the story using pictures and acted it out using masks. We then explored alternative endings to traditional tales and discussed how there can be lots of different versions of one story. We had a go at writing our own ending of Jack and the Beanstalk. The children had some brilliant ideas! We had the Big Bad Wolf blowing the beanstalk down, Goldilocks sitting and breaking the beanstalk and the Three Little Pigs building a wall around the beanstalk so that The Giant couldn't get out. In Maths, we have continued to learn about shape and patterns, including identifying and carrying on a pattern. We have started to learn about numbers within 20 too - we worked so hard when learning about numbers within 10, we are ready for a new challenge! In other news, we are all so excited to perform our Nativity next week! Thank you for your support with costumes - the children all look fantastic. We look forward to seeing you on Tuesday or Thursday afternoon at 2pm in the School Hall.


Week Seven

Show time! Wow! The children have all worked so hard in their Nativity performance called 'The Donkey Seller' and they all looked amazing in their costumes! We hope you enjoyed coming to watch them - the children loved it! We are still learning about numbers within 20 in Maths. We have been learning how to count on from 10 and how to write numbers up to 20 in words. We have been using ten frames to support our learning this week. We have linked Geography to our English lessons this week, focusing on the story 'Lost and Found' and learning about cold countries. We used our phonic knowledge to sound out words and labelled a picture of Antarctica with words to match. Then, we identified cold countries using pictures on a map. It was great to see the children remembered the features of a letter when completing their homework this week and writing a letter to Santa! This was useful ahead of our letter writing in English as this was based on our Geography learning. Thank you for the party food donations we have had so far. If you would like to donate 50p towards our party next week, please send it in with your child by Friday 14th December. Thank you.

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