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Terms 1 and 2 Summary

Autumn Term 1 - Rainforests
We have an action packed term studying rainforests, in particular:

Our residential trip to Freiston in October saw us make rugs out of old wool, visit the Freiston vegetable patch to see and recognise the different types of vegetables. We all picked a carrot and made Carrot Cookies!
Mrs Baumber and Mrs Morton lit our camp fire and we had lots of fun singing songs and toasting marshmallows! Yum, Yum!
We all undertook orienteering understanding the differing levels of a rainforest and also ventured onto the low ropes. The 'Low Ropes' were fairly high in the 'canopy' of the 'rainforest' but this did not prevent us from climbing and venturing through the many obstacles.

Autumn Term 2 – World War 2

During term 2, we studied World War 2, in particular:

We looked at life as an evacuee, exploring the thoughts and the feelings children would have experienced and used drama to express these. In small groups we roll played children leaving their parents behind at the train station and all the emotions that would have been felt.

We were visited by Mr Andrew who gave us a very special talk. He told us all about his time living in Sheffield during The Blitz and also about his evacuation to Sutton Bonington. He shared some very special memories with us and we even found time to ask him a few questions at the end.

In DT, we created Anderson Shelters using different materials, estimating and measuring different objects to suite the shelters.

On one particular day, we were lucky enough to have a visiting team who taught us about how and why the war began and looking at the role of the men and women in the armed forces. Some of us even got to try on some uniforms! We also had drill practice, learnt how to march, salute, hold a rifle and even throw a hand grenade safely! After lunch we looked at food and clothes rationing, found out about the Blitz and Air Raids, the importance of gas masks and even found time for a war time sing song and war time dance.
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