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Terms 3 and 4 = Location! Location! Location!

Terms 3 and 4 = Location! Location! Location!

As part of our main topic we have looked at different types of house and are now experts at identifying detached, semi-detached, terraced houses or bungalows.  We also looked at houses around the world and compared them with our style. We would rather live in our houses made from bricks than ones made from mud, sticks, ice or wood! We then looked at geographical features in Sleaford and talked about our favourite place.  Crazee Bongoes was a popular choice!! On our walk round the houses near school, we posted our letters in the postbox and hoped they would make it to our homes (which they did!). We spotted lots of different house types, the water tower and even a postman with his van and trolley! The children found it fascinating learning about life in the past in terms of how light, washing and heating facilities have changed. We tried to imagine using dolly tubs and a mangle to wash and dry our clothes, having a bath in a tin tub in the middle of the kitchen and seeing by candle light.  Worst of all ... no Play Stations or X Box!! We think the children were quite relieved to be born in the 21st century!   

In Literacy we looked at the use of labels for diagrams and pictures.  We labelled photos of houses and wrote simple captions for the key features. We then looked at the structure and organisation of non-fiction books and learnt about different types of house around the world.  We worked in small groups to write an information page on various types of housing, including Adobe houses, chalets and mud huts, which were then put together to create a class book with a contents page and blurb. We learnt how to set out letters and addresses correctly and then wrote a letter to our parents saying what we have been doing in school. 

In D.T. the children designed, made and evaluated model furniture for a room in shoe box.  We talked about the important features in a room and then they chose whether to make furniture for a bedroom or the lounge. 

In Art we have learnt how to sketch and shade carefully.  We did observational sketches of the outside of the school and then shaded them using just a pencil.  We then painted them and finally created a collage of part of the school using a range of materials.

In Numeracy we have continued to develop our understanding of the properties of 2D and 3D shapes.  We have also just begun to look at 2 digit numbers and have explored how they are made up of tens and units using bundles of 10 straws and then loose ones. We then used this knowledge to help us add larger numbers by adding the tens numbers together first. Please can you help reinforce o'clock and half past times with your child as well as the days of the week and months of the year.

In R.E. we have been learning about Hinduism and comparing how they celebrate with how we do as Christians. We decorated hands with Mendhi patterns, made dancing sticks called Dandiyas and learnt about the importance of the story of Rama and Sita to Hindus. 

Our Science topic was Materials and their Properties.  We sorted materials into different groups and could explain why. We looked at what was special about metals, fabrics, wood, plastic and glass.  We used lots of adjectives to describe them; rough, smooth, hard, soft, flexible, bendy, and rigid.  We also explored magnets and searched the room for things which were and were not magnetic.  That was great fun!!!  To end our topic we had a Science day and predicted which material would make the best roof for a house and say why.  We built lego houses and attached the material to be tested as the roof. We then tested them by pouring water over the top to look for leaks.

On the last day of term our parents came in for a Science lesson and had a go at all of the investigations we had done during the topic.
Thank you to the parents who came in at the end of the Friday for Sport Relief and paid to play the games which the children had created.  You raised just over £30 for the charity, so thank you all very much!!
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