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Toy Story

Happy New Year!!!


Welcome back! We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and that Santa bought you everything you wanted :) 


We can't wait to kick off the new year with this exciting topic. This term we will be learning about our favourite toys, toys from the past and electronic toys.

Week 1

What a busy first week we have had! We are all very excited about coming back to school, catching up with our friends and telling everyone about our wonderful Christmases!


This week we have been learning about Epiphany. We learnt all about Russia and the tale of Babushka. We listened to the story of Babushka and talked about what happened to her and the type of person that Babushka was. We used this information to write our own Babushka sentences.


In Maths, we have begun our learning about numbers to 10. This term we will learn to recognise numbers to 10, form numbers to 10 and count within 10. We will also think about measuring this term and look at height, length, weight and capacity.

Week 2

This week we have been learning about old toys and we were really lucky to be able to experience old toys first hand with the loan box from Lincoln Museum. In addition to this, Mr Bamford from Sleaford Museum came in to talk to us about old toys. 


In Maths, we have been counting objects up to 10. We can count objects that we can move, objects that can't be moved and objects that are in a random arrangement (not a straight line).


In  English, we have continued to use our sound knowledge to label toys. We are beginning to say, hold and write sentences and have been writing sentences about toys and what they are made of. 


During our afternoon learning, we have been thinking about old and new toys and how toys have changed. We talked about how poor children wouldn't have many toys and would have to make their own toys and fun. This made us realise just how lucky we are to have all the wonderful toys we have!

We looked at a painting by P. Brughel called children's games. We discussed what we could see and the colours the artist had used. We then focused on a small section this painting, showing two children playing with hoops and sticks. We tried to replicate this section of the painting and draw it ourselves.

Week 3

This week we have been learning all about programmable toys. Mrs Atkin demonstrated how to use a Beebot and we enjoyed giving the Beebot instructions around the toys. We had a fantastic day on Friday demonstrating and sharing our programmable toys from home with our friends. Thank you to all of the children who brought their toys in and shared them with us :) 


In Maths, we have been ordering numbers to 10. This week, we started our daily tally charts. The children are given two options to vote from and once the vote has finished, we total the votes and discuss which option was most popular and which one was least popular.


In English, we have been writing sentences that follow a pattern. We listened to the story 'That's not my monkey.' Then we wrote our story about a dog, giving reasons as to why the dog in the picture isn't the right one and then why the last one in the picture was our dog. For example; That is not my dog. It is big. That is my dog. It is spotty.

Week 4

Our week got off to a super start - Mrs Wilson bought us a toy for being such superstars and working so hard. 


However, our excitement soon turned to worry when we realised our new toy had been taken! We talked about what we could do to get out toy back and decided a 'lost' poster would be the best thing to make so that everyone in the school could help us look for 'Chick'. The children described 'Chick' fantastically, thinking really carefully about the adjectives they would use. Their posters were beautiful and did the trick as 'Chick' was soon returned to us!


In Maths, we have been thinking about height and length. We are able to order objects based on height and length and focused carefully on using the correct vocabulary of 'long/short' and 'tall/short.' We then measure the length and height of objects using non-standard units of measure - cubes, counters, paper clips, dominoes etc.


During our afternoon learning, we have been thinking about texture. We understand that texture is how an object feels and we have been describing texture. We used this learning to help us with our teddy puppets. We joined the two pieces of our puppet together using a needle and wool and then added the features of ears, eyes, nose and mouth. We then gave our puppets a textured tummy and described the texture and thought about why we had chosen that texture.

Week 5

Gung Hay Fat Choy!

This week we have been learning all about Chinese New Year. We have learnt about the tradition of Chinese New Year and how people prepare for and celebrate Chinese New Year. We then prepared our classroom for Chinese New Year. We tidied the classroom and decorated it with the beautiful lanterns we made. We made our own lucky red envelopes, just like the ones people would receive during Chinese New Year. During PE, we thought about the dragon dancing and had a wonderful morning learning how to dance like a dragon. We used what we had learnt from the Chinese New Year Legend to scare the dragon away using loud music and brightly coloured scarves to represent the fire.


We had a family feast together to end the celebration and ate the egg fried rice and noodles that we made. It was delicious!


In our Maths learning, we learnt about capacity. We know what capacity is and can show full and empty using containers, sand and water. We then used cubes to find the capacity of containers and compare them by thinking which one held the most and least.


In English, we continued writing words and sentences to describe the three things that the dragon was afraid of; fire, the colour red and drums.

Week 6

How is the last week of term already? This term has flown by just as quickly as the other terms but it does mean that we are half way through the academic year already! We are having such fun in Foundation and this week was incredible!


This week we have been learning all about our special toys. We have really enjoyed sharing our toys with our friends and talking about why they are special to us. 


In Maths, we have been learning all about weight. We have really enjoyed using the balance scales to compare weight. We learnt the vocabulary we would need to use when thinking about weight. Then, we used cubes to find the weight of three objects, compare and order the weight of these objects.


The children have really enjoyed our 'Toy Story' topic and they have gained a lot by bringing in and sharing their toys with their friends. So a huge thank you for allowing this to happen and making this topic such a success!


We hope that you all have a fantastic half term. Rest, relax and enjoy the week. We will see you again on Monday 25th February.


Thank you again for your continued support! smiley

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