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The Vicious Vikings


This term, we have really enjoyed learning about the Vikings. We have taken part in lots of activities to learn about the history and geography of these vicious people from the past. Here are some of the things that we have learned:


Archaeological Dig: To begin our topic, we received some soil from the city of York. In the soil, there were lots of artefacts. We have to use our questioning and interpreting skills to discover what the artefacts were and what that told us about the lives of the Vikings. We decoded a rune sentence, read diaries written by Anglo Saxon monks and looked at maps. From this, we couldn’t wait to learn more!


A Visit to the Market: In our Maths lessons, we learned about Viking trading. We developed our money skills to add the total cost of items and find the change by counting on.


Viking Day: A real Viking visited our school! He told us about how the Vikings lived their lives; how they cooked their food, what they wore and showed us some warriors weapons! We even got to play a Taefl- a Viking board game.


Longboat Building: We have explored the parts of a longboat and have written explanations for them in our labelled diagrams. Then, we designed a sail, shields, prow and stern for our own Viking longboats. We created them using sawing and joining techniques.

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