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W/B 01.06.20



Please find attached the Maths Booklet for Week 1.


Each day, there is a 'fluent in 5' and a 'Numberblock of the day' section. These sections should be familiar to the children as they follow the structure of our daily counting sessions at school. To begin with, the children will need to practice counting forwards and backwards from 0 - 20 before practicing their subitising skills by recognising the amount of dots with out counting.

When looking at the 'Numberblock of the day', the children will be asked to write the digit associated with the Numberblock, find 1 more and 1 less than this digit and think about the different ways to make this number. Can they do this systematically? Can they find all of the ways to make this number? For the 'draw it' section, they can draw a picture of anything so long as it represents the digit they are looking at that day. For example, if we are looking at the digit 3, I might draw 3 unicorns or 1 unicorn and 2 flowers as that shows 3 objects.


The booklet contains a variety of activities based on learning we have done over the last few weeks during 'Number of the day';

-Counting objects up to 20

-Ordering numbers to 20

-Filling in the missing numbers up to 20

-Adding by counting all

-Adding by counting on


This booklet should last all week so please complete 1 'fluent in five', 1 'Numberblock of the day' and the activity suggested for that day only.


Enjoy! smiley

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