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W/B 11.5.20

English Tasks


This week, you could complete a Minibeast Project. So, the first job is to choose a minibeast that you would like to learn and write about.


Task 1

Draw a picture of your chosen minibeast and label its parts using words for example, wings, legs, antennae. There are worksheets in the ‘English’ folder, should you wish to print one.

Task 2

Find out as much as you can about your chosen minibeast and write some notes or create a spider diagram. Use websites, videos or powerpoints.

Task 3

Write sentences about your minibeast. How many facts can you write? Can you use ‘and’ to join your facts?

Task 4

Complete the Phonics Activity Mat number 1.

Task 5

Practice writing the letters ‘k’ and ‘ck’. Can you write the letters in the words ‘kick’ and ‘ask’? Can you join your letters?

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