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W/B 11.5.20

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Maths Tasks

This week, the Maths tasks are based on Chapter 5 (Workbook 1A) – Positions (also known as Ordinal Numbers). There are lots of practical activities you could do at home alongside the MNP sheets. Some suggestions are below:


Task 1

Naming Positions. Encourage your child to use positional language for up to 10 positions – you could watch a race online e.g. Olympics. This link (Part 1 and 2) helps to make the link between the position (1st), number (1) and the word (first):


Task 2

Naming Positions in Queues. The textbook has some great examples to introduce this. Encourage your child to check their answers by looking which way the queue faces. You could make your own queue with toys / teddies and give each one their position.


Task 3

Naming Left and Right Positions. We introduce the ‘L’ hand shape for ‘Left’. A family photograph may help to talk through positions e.g. ‘I am second from the left’.


Task 4

Review.  This is a combination of learning from the previous 3 tasks.


Task 5

Mind Workout / Challenge. Some of you loved the Twinkl games last week so there are some new ones focusing on counting, ordinal numbers and height ordering. If you would like to have a go, follow the link and type in the pin code ‘WZ1426’. Enjoy!



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