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WB 13.7.20

For the last of Year One's English lessons, we would like you to write a couple of acrostic poems, do you best sentence writing and think about your memories from the year. Enjoy and well done for working so hard!


English Lessons

Lesson 1

Write some words and phrases about the summer season.

Lesson 2

Write an acrostic poem based on ‘Summer’.

Lesson 3

Listen to the sentences, hold them in your head, then write them down. Can you add the correct punctuation and spell the words correctly?

Lesson 4

What are your memories from Year One? Get some ideas ready to write a poem!

Lesson 5

Complete the SPAG quiz.


Final 2 days:

Lesson 1

Do you know the order of the alphabet? Write the summery words in alphabetical order.

Lesson 2

Write an acrostic poem based on ‘Year One’.

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