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WB 13.7.20

Maths Lessons

Well done - this is your final full week of Year 1!


Your Maths booklet, attached above, is for the week. Each day is clearly marked to help you know which lesson needs completing.


In school, alongside our Maths lessons, we will have a daily Maths fluency lesson. This is included in the folder below 'Mental Maths / Fluency'. 


This week, we are completing Maths No Problem (1b), Chapter 14, Fractions.


For additional support, visit the Maths No Problem website using your log in to access parent guides for these lessons.

Lesson 1

Making quarters - there are resources, including a Powerpoint attached above to help with the concept of quarters and to refresh learning on halves from last week! 

Lesson 2

Sharing and grouping. The focus is on grouping and sharing objects into halves and quarters through word problems using the pictures / drawings to help work out the answer.

Lesson 3

Fractions review - time to put all of the learning together!

Lesson 4

There are shapes attached to cut out into halves and quarters. What do you notice about the shapes? How many parts are they in?

Lesson 5

Double and Half Game - Instructions are attached in the booklet alongside the game. Enjoy!


There is an activity for the remaining 2 days of term - see the WB 20.7.20 folder.

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