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WB 15.6.20

Your English booklet, attached above, is for the week. There are five activities for you to complete. Each day is clearly marked to help you know which lesson needs completing. 


In school, alongside our English lessons, we will learn new phonic sounds. These sounds are in the folder above marked 'Phonics'.


This week, we are continuing reading a book called ‘Silly Billy’ by Anthony Browne.


English Lessons:


Lesson 1

Read and then answer questions about the text ‘Silly Billy’


Lesson 2

Think about your worries. What will you do the next time you feel worried?


Lesson 3

Read some sentences about reptiles. Are they questions or statements?


Lesson 4 (SPAG)

Write three questions that you have about the giant tortoise.


Lesson 5 (Handwriting)

Write the digraphs ‘th’ and ‘wh’ in the words ‘they’ and ‘where’.
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