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W/B 18.5.20

CBeebies: Create a Bird Feeder with Mr Bloom.

(Different to instuctions below)

Mr Bloom shows you how to make a Bird Feeder.

English Tasks


This week, your project will be based on making a Bird Feeder. If you wish to make something different, please do- you can still complete the tasks below. Enjoy!


Task 1

Read the instructions carefully for ‘How to make a bird feeder’. Find and highlight:

- Bullet points

- Numbers

- Imperative (bossy) verbs

- Adjectives

Task 2

Follow the instructions to make a bird feeder for your outside area.

Task 3

Write a set of instructions to tell somebody else ‘How to make a bird feeder’. Here are some success criteria:

- Title

- ‘You will need’ list

- Numbered instructions

- Imperative verbs

- Clear and detailed sentences

Task 4

Complete the SPAG mat (number 2)

Task 5

Practice writing the letters ‘v’ and ‘w’. Can you write the letters in the words ‘were’ and ‘very’? Can you join your letters?

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