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WB 22.6.20

Your Maths booklet, attached above, is for the week. Each day is clearly marked to help you know which lesson needs completing.


In school, alongside our Maths lessons, we will have a daily Maths fluency lesson. This is included in the folder below 'Mental Maths / Fluency'. 


This week, we are completing Maths No Problem (1b), Chapter 12, Multiplication


For additional support, visit the Maths No Problem website using your log in (this was emailed a few weeks ago) to access parent guides for these lessons.


Lesson 1

To understand what doubling is. The ladybird sheet is to introduce ‘doubles’ of numbers to 10. Using a dominoes game, pictures and objects will help understanding of this too.

Lesson 2

To solve word problems using multiplication.

Lesson 3

Multiplication review – this enables the children to apply their knowledge and understanding.

Lesson 4

Mind workouts – encourage your child to work out the solution and explain their thinking.

Lesson 5

Picnic Multiplication. Then, have a go at Numbots. Your log in has been sent via Dojo. Please let us know if you have any problems.

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